Fashion Blasts from the Past We Wish Would Come Back

_MG_7297Fashion trends are continuously recycled and reinvented―but some of our favorite fashion trends seem to have almost vanished from existence. What gives? With news of the once beloved (and possibly still beloved) Aaron Carter gracing Happy Valley later this spring, it got us in a retro kind of mood. Here are a few other blasts from the past (fashion edition) that we’d love to see reappear, too.

Velour Tracksuits

Honestly, who didn’t have one of these luscious outfits? They were super comfortable and you had a huge range of colors to choose from. And this trend wasn’t just for girls… Sean John tracksuits anyone? P.Diddy definitely rocked his fair share of these bad boys, and the hip-hop world definitely caught on to the trend, too. Although Khloe Kardashian attempted to bring velour tracksuits back at her wedding reception in 2009, we say someone should bring tracksuits back for good.

Sunglass Croakies

Okay, so these might not be the most attractive looking accessory out there, but let’s face it, sunglass croakies are pretty practical. They keep you from losing your sunglasses and you won’t stretch them out by sticking them on your head.


So maybe the pant overalls weren’t the cutest, but shorter cutoff overalls have some relevant style potential. And, if you think about it, they’re not much different than rompers.

Butterfly Clips

Why did these ever go out of style? Butterfly clips were a key fashion accessory for all of us 90s kids. We’re all waiting for them to make their long awaited comeback.

Scrunching your hair

Curly haired girls would be in heaven if this trend came back. No more straightening your hair for hours. Just throw some gel or styling mousse in your hair, and you’re out the door. Who says straight hair is the only way to go anyway?


Scrunchies should always be in style. Period.

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