April Fool’s Day Pranks to Play on Your Roommate

JessicaKorch_AprilFools (2)Unhappy April Fool’s Day from Valley! Get it, unhappy? Well, in any case, get your jokester pants on because we have some awesome pranks to play on your roommate. Be sure to have a video camera set up to record their reaction. Who knows, maybe you two will become the newest YouTube sensation.

1. Sign them up for an unwanted subscription

There’s nothing worse than getting unwanted e-mails spamming your inbox. So this year sign them up for an annoying, yet hilarious subscription. Try subscribing them to a nudist colony’s newsletter

2. Visit Shitsenders.com

This website allows users to literally send a bag of animal feces to whoever they choose. Choose from your choice of cow, elephant or gorilla dung in quart or gallon sized proportions. Side note, this could also be great to get some revenge on the ex you loath.

3. Cover their entire room with post-it notes

This one is an oldie, but goodie. Your roommate may be a little pissed that everything from their sheets to inside their medicine cabinet is covered in post-its, but they might also be impressed with time and energy put into this prank.

4.  Icy-Hot in places you don’t want Icy-Hot

Get a tube of Icy-Hot and put a generous amount on the undergarments of your roommate. Underwear, sports bras maybe even body wash if you’re feeling extra evil. The Icy-Hot sensation should only leave your roommate extremely uncomfortable for about 30 minutes.

5.  Mess with their deodorant

This one is pretty easy to execute. Cut out your roommate’s deodorant stick and replace it with cream cheese. Imagine that feeling on your armpits? Gross!

These pranks are not endorsed by Valley.

Photo by Jessica Korch


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