Runway to Hallway: What Do Guys Really Think of High Fashion?

GraceShyu_GuyVsGirlHotWith New York Fashion Week behind us, women everywhere have been left drooling over spring’s hottest trends like leather leggings and bold, graphic prints. So what’s keeping us from making Pollock Road our runway? You may be surprised by the answer.

Most collegiate men would easily agree that understanding women is a challenge. The only thing harder to crack than our emotions though, is our wardrobe. With so many fashion trends emerging each season, guys are being left less impressed and more confused than ever.

“Most of the outfits off the runway are ridiculous,” says sophomore, Tim Cox. “I don’t understand why girls will rock trends like Duck Boots on campus. They call it ‘menswear’ but I just think it’s weird. In my opinion, that’s just for guys”.

Cox isn’t the only one confused by high fashion. In fact, most men are pretty unfamiliar with runway trend forecasts and wouldn’t be able to spot the difference between last year’s bucket bags and this season’s clutches. Their main concern falls mostly on cost.

“I understand that some women like to drown themselves in shoe brands like Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin. They’re always carrying bags that are Coach and Gucci. But I can’t ascertain why,” says Junior, Vaughn Lawrence. “Why would anyone want to spend $900 on shoes?”

Lawrence leaves us wondering: are our favorite couture pieces really worth the splurge, or will men simply just never understand our fashion indulgences?

Freshman, Heather Kaufler is more concerned about protecting her haute outfits than the perception of her high fashion clothing choices. “I shouldn’t have to be worried about people judging me for owning expensive items. What I’m more worried about is going out and having someone spill their drink all over my vintage Dior dress.”

With greater accessibility to style through ready to wear lines and designer-department store collaborations, more high fashion trends have been making their ways off the runway and into our closets every season. As women, we have to appreciate our freedom to wear what we like and sacrifice is the male understanding of our outfit choices.

Now, how haute is that?

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