Dorm Room Friendly Breakfast Ideas

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Sometimes there is just not enough time in the morning to venture to the nearest dining hall or make the much-anticipated journey through the HUB Starbucks line. That means breakfast in the dorm room.

While you can always fall back on the ever-reliable and transportable granola bar, making a quick breakfast yourself can be a great change of pace. The best part is, it doesn’t have to take long. Say goodbye for now to your pre-packaged granola bars and try out these dorm room friendly breakfast ideas to mix up your morning routine.

Instant Oatmeal

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Instant oatmeal is a great breakfast for students living on campus as it only requires a microwave and very little counter space to assemble.

If you’re looking for the most time-effective option, try one of Quaker’s Instant Oatmeal Express Cups. These convenient little cups are available in a variety of flavors including Maple & Brown Sugar, Honey & Almonds, Apples & Cranberry, and Apples & Cinnamon.

Plus, they are can be ready in 90 seconds and are e can be eaten right out of the container. Simply pour water in the cup and pop it in the microwave. All you need is a spoon, and you’ve got a quick and simple breakfast.

However, if you’re looking for a healthier option, VALLEY recommends using Quaker’s plain individually packaged instant oats as some flavored varieties can be high in added sugars. While you will need a bowl to prepare these instant oats, they still only take 90 seconds to cook in the microwave with a minute or two of extra prep time depending on what toppings you decide to add.

VALLEY’s go-to dorm room oatmeal topping is blueberries. Blueberries typically have a long shelf life, so if you don’t end up making breakfast in your dorm room all that often, you won’t have to worry about wasted produce. Plus, blueberries come packaged in small plastic containers, making for easy storage in university-provided refrigerators.

To expedite your instant oats assembly, even more, try washing the blueberries ahead of time and store them in your fridge. That way, you can pour a few blueberries right out the container into your oatmeal.  

Greek Yogurt Parfait
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Greek Yogurt is another excellent dorm room friendly option for your morning routine. Packed with a ton of protein, this super quick breakfast makes for easy assembly and will keep you fuller longer.

While you can absolutely opt for other flavored yogurts of your choice, VALLEY recommends using individually packaged Oikos Plain Nonfat Greek Yogurt for the most health-conscious option. Without any added sugar and 15 grams of protein, these small Greek yogurts can be dressed up with additional toppings of your liking, and you don’t even need an extra bowl!

To maximize your refrigerator space, your blueberries for instant oats can double as toppings for Greek yogurt. Have a little extra storage space available? Try topping your yogurt with some honey and chia seeds too!

Peanut Butter Rice Cake and Banana Combo

With potassium and protein to kick start your day, Bananas and peanut butter are a classic flavor combination that can be easily adapted to the hassle of dorm room living.

For this breakfast idea, utilize the dining halls’ grab and go fruit areas. They’re extremely convenient for students living on campus and make for an excellent breakfast resource. Next time you have dinner at the dining hall, try picking up a banana on your way out and saving it for the morning. This will not only save you a trip to the store but also save you some extra cash. The price of the fruit is included in your meal at the dining hall.

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For the most utensil-sensitive option, try topping a plain rice cake with peanut butter to eat alongside your banana. VALLEY recommends using Justin’s Classic Peanut Butter Squeeze Packs. They’re small individual servings of peanut butter that make for easy storage in tight quarters. You don’t even need a knife to spread the peanut butter. Simply tear open one of the peanut butter packs and squeeze it out on a rice cake. When you’re done all done, just discard the package in the trash can. No dirty silverware. No bulky peanut butter jars. No hassle.

Say sayonara to boring granola bars. These super easy dorm room friendly breakfast ideas are just what you need to mix up your morning routine.

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