Staying Warm in the Dorms

Photo by Kate Perkins

Winter is coming and that means Happy Valley will soon be covered in snow. Students will also be covered from head to toe, trying to keep warm. While hats and gloves work great outdoors, it’s tough to stay cozy at home without all the bundling, especially if you don’t want a heating bill that’s through the roof.

The good news is, you can warm up your dorm without ever touching the thermostat. Follow Valley’s seven clever tips and your room will be winter-proof in no time.

Window Wraps

To stay warm, you have to keep cold air out. Rolled towels or blankets tucked against your window ledge can immediately improve the temperature in your room. Hanging an extra sheet or tapestry in front of your windows can act as insulation and decoration too.

Warm Surfaces

Nothing feels worse than stepping out of a cozy bed onto an ice cold tiled floor. Prevent the morning frostbite with a fuzzy throw rug. This will make the already painful transition of waking up a little bit easier. If you don’t want to invest in a rug, pick up some fluffy socks or slippers instead. Anything to keep your toes from touching that frosty floor.

Cozy Lighting

Twinkle lights are a girls best friend. Not only are they super cute, they keep your room feeling soft and cozy. String some above your bed for easy night lighting or drape them around your mirror for a flattering glow.

Toasty Drinks

Another way to keep warm is by filling up with heated treats. Hot chocolate, coffee, cider, and tea are all great go-to beverages. You can keep instant cocoa packets or tea bags on hand by the microwave for a quick warm-me-up. If you’re feeling especially under the weather, switch to a mug of chicken broth instead. It’s like instant soup without all the fuss.

Inviting Scents

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire – no that’s just your candle. A delicious scented candle can transform the atmosphere of a room instantly. Choose your favorite tasty scent like cinnamon apple or sugar cookie to make you feel more at home. If your living space doesn’t allow open flames, you can purchase a heated oil air freshener that does the same trick.

Hot Pads

Hot pads are an instant fix when fighting the cold. Keep one on the seat at your desk while you study for some seriously toasty buns. A heating blanket tucked between your sheets and comforter can work wonders as well. Turn it on while you brush your teeth and by the time you climb into bed it will be perfectly snug. If you don’t want to invest in electric hot pads you can make your own microwaveable version out of a tube sock and some rice. Fill a tight knit sock with uncooked rice, tie off the top, and you have the perfect squishy heating pad to use wherever.

Space Heaters

If all else fails, invest in a space heater. But be warned, they can run up electricity bills if used frequently and may not be allowed in certain leases. Alternatively, you can use your hair dryer for a quick blast of warmth when you need it to gently warm up your socks, sweaters, sheets, or coats. This technique works well to defrost when you’re just getting home as well.


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