DIY: Sassy Slits

JessicaKorch_DIYSlits4A simple pair of leggings may be a cheap bargain, but when something as easy as cool slits is added, the price increases. By a lot.

Slits are a hot trend right now – across shoulders and sleeves of sweaters, or down the outer side of pant legs.  But why should you have to pay for the extra style, when you create the same look yourself? Valley has a few easy steps for you to create this look yourself.

For the DIY newbie, we recommend using a pair of leggings you don’t particularly love anymore, or an old pair. If you feel comfortable cutting your clothes and have had previous DIY experience, feel free to use whatever pair you want.

All you need is a pair of scissors and your leggings. That’s it – unless you wish to use a ruler to make slits symmetrical on both sides.


First, lay your leggings out on an open and flat surface. Think about your body and where it would be appropriate to cut your first slit. We recommend starting mid-thigh – anything higher might be a little risqué.


Begin to cut straight across both sides of the fabric. How deep you want to cut totally depends on your desired look, but less is more. You can always try on the finished look and cut deeper slits if you don’t like what you have already cut.


Continue to cut slits until you reach the bottom of the leggings. Once the first leg is complete, do the same steps on the other side.

And that is it! You now have a trendy, cool new pair of leggings instantly. Easy enough, right?

Photos by Jessica Korch

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