What Not to Wear: Career Fair Special

AshleyMilillo.CareerFairFashionThis week on What Not to Wear, Valley Magazine tunes in with Career Services to help you dress for the upcoming Career Fair.

While business suits and pantyhose may come off as a bit formal, it’s always best to look professional when interviewing for a job. Jade Perry, Diversity Program Coordinator at Career Services, says to dress formally until you don’t have to.

“Even if you’re interviewing for a field where you dress business casual, go ahead and wear formal business attire until you secure that job,” Perry says.

Plan out what you are going to wear to the Career Fair the night before. Students should try to stick to clothing that’s not too flashy, comfortable to walk around in and with natural looking makeup.

“You want your experience to show, not your outfit,” Perry says. “You want to give off a professional image, and that means not wearing your Indigo heels to the interview.”

Other clothing items and accessories to avoid during the career fair are jeans, ill-fitting clothes, tennis shoes, flip flops, flashy jewelry and over-the-top makeup.

“Stay away from short, tight and bright,” she says.

A smart choice for men is a business suit and tie. For women, a business suit with pantyhose or a well-tailored skirt, dress or dress pants with a nice top. Make sure that none of your clothes are too revealing and that a dress or skirt is no higher than knee length.

You also want to be smart about what shoes you’re wearing; the Career Fair involves lots of walking. Wear heels or nice flats with your outfit that you can easily move around in and are a neutral color. Perry says to use your discretion when it comes to shoes and accessories.

“A student’s image is [his or her] choice,” Perry says. “But keep in mind, you’re going to be meeting lots of people from different generations. You don’t want to be hindered by little things you could have taken care of.”

Perry said it’s good practice to invest in a nice business suit when you can. Students can buy business clothes at various places in State College. Men and women both can find suits at Harper’s located at 114 West College Avenue, Connections located at 130 S. Allen Street as well as Macy’s, JC Penny’s and Sears in Nittany Mall.


Photo by Ashley Milillo


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