DIY: Tutu for THON

ShantelleWilliams.DIYTutusIf you think you’re going to THON tutu-less, think again. As with high socks and hot loops headbands, a tutu is fashion protocol for the weekend. After THON, recycle it for a Halloween costume or keep it on hand to frolic around like a princess. Surprisingly, this tutu only costs about $10 total to make. If you know how to cut and tie a knot, you’re all set! No sewing required.


¼ inch white flat elastic

6 yards of tulle


To begin, decide on the colors you wish to use for the tutu. Total, it should only require about 6 yards. If you choose two colors, purchase 3 yards each. If you choose three colors, only purchase 2 yards each. The Walmart craft section conveniently measures and cuts a variety of tulle.

Next, measure the elastic around your waist. If you prefer the tutu to sit lower on your hips, measure there. You want to make sure the tutu withstands some wiggle room without falling off, so pull the elastic an inch or two tighter. Cut and tie where you feel fits best.

Lay out one color of tulle on a flat surface. Beginning at one end, fold the entire length of the tutu in 4-inch sections until you’ve reach the other end. After it’s rolled into a long, cylindrical piece, cut off any uneven ends to make it straight.

Cut this long, cylindrical piece of tulle into 4-inch sections. It doesn’t have to be exact, so you can eyeball it if you don’t have a tape measure. Once you finish, roll out one of the sections and lay it on a flat surface.

Create strips by cutting this piece into thirds. Set the strips of tulle aside as you complete cutting for each of the rolled sections. Once you completely finish cutting with the first color, repeat the process for the rest of your colors.

To tie the tulle onto the elastic, it’s best if you stretch the elastic on the back of a kitchen chair to hold it into place. Pick up one of the strips and cinch it in the middle, making a loop at the top. Place the loop behind the elastic band. Pull the bottom ends of the tulle through the loop and pull tight to make a knot.

Continue knotting with all your strips until you’ve filled the elastic band. Alternating between colors definitely looks the best!

Make sure to try it on and cut any extra-long pieces so the tulle is the same length the whole way around. Fluff up the tulle to make it appear fuller. If you’d like to add a little extra, add a bow made of ribbon on the side to match.


Photography by Shantelle Williams


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