DIY: Corona Bottle Cups

Are you bored with your same old, same old drinking glasses? Can you not bear to spend all that money on new ones at the store (they actually don’t cost that much but just go with it)? Well, prepare for your life to get a whole lot more exciting with DIY Corona bottle cups. Dig through the recycling or take an over-21 person’s empty Corona bottle to begin your super fun craft.

Before we begin, this project can potentially be hazardous (i.e. sharp glass and fire) if you are not careful. Parental consent is advised if you are under 18.

What you’ll need:

Corona bottles
Note: any glass bottles will suffice but bottles have their logos on the actual glass versus a sticker, such as Corona, tend to turn out the best.

Nail polish remover

Yarn or twine


Large container filled with ice water

Sand paper


What to do:

Step 1: Begin by creating your workspace near the sink. Once you have everything ready, begin by wrapping the yarn about four times around where the bottle starts to narrow and tie a knot.


Step 2: Take the tied yarn off of the bottle and soak it in nail polish remover. Slide the yarn back onto the bottle and make sure it is level all they way around so that you create an even edge. It is important to make sure the yarn is below the curved part of the bottle otherwise it will crack the whole bottle!


Step 3: Hold the bottle over the sink and light the yarn on fire. Spin the bottle with two hands until the fire burns out. The rest of the bottle will not catch fire, but be careful not to burn yourself.


Step 4: Once the fire burns out, immediately plunge the bottle into a container of ice water. You should hear a “cracking” noise. At this point, carefully take the cracked bottle out of the water. It will most likely be cracked into 3 parts: the neck of the bottle, the yarn wrapped section, and the bottom, which will eventually be your cup. The only part you should keep is the bottom section.


Step 5: DO NOT FORGET to smooth out the top edge with sandpaper. If you do not do this step, you will cut your lips, finger, etc.


Step 6: Enjoy looking like a rockstar with your Corona cups while everyone else drinks out of their lame-o, bland cups.


Editors note: Valley Magazine neither supports nor condones irresponsible or underage drinking. Please consume alcoholic beverages responsibly.


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