Do’s and Don’ts of Living in NYC for the Summer

Spending the summer in a new city is no cakewalk, especially when it’s New York City. Whether you’ve gotten the internship of your dreams, or are living it up in the Big Apple just for kicks, Valley has you covered with some helpful tips that will help you make the most of your time in your new home away from home.

Do: Make the most of your time

It’s easy to get caught up in a routine: work, eat, sleep—but don’t let that happen. On your days off, try to do and see as much as possible – there is so much to see in Manhattan alone.

Try visiting the Museum of Natural History or the Met (the museum fees are “recommended” and there is no actual minimum cost, so you can get away with paying a penny to enter). If you’re feeling a little bit rebellious, take the Brooklyn Bridge-bound 6 train past the last stop to get a glimpse of the abandoned City Hall station before it turns into a Bronx-bound train again—and don’t worry it’s totally safe.

Don’t: Stay in the city the whole summer

There’s no doubt that Manhattan has a lot to offer, but the tri-state area is so much more than that! Branch out, there are so many beautiful places to visit all over New York and they’re just a train ride away.

Try visiting Brooklyn and meet some authentic Williamsburg hipsters (they’re an interesting species when seen up-close). Or, take a train out to Long Island and hit up the beaches—they may not be as glamorous as most vacation destinations, but they get the job done.

Do: Try to get on the subway car nearest to your exit when you get off the train

Let’s face it—NYC’s most popular form of transportation is suuuper creepy, especially at night. Most subway stations have multiple exits nowhere near each other. In order to avoid spending more time underground than you need to, walk to the part of the train that will be closest to your exit when you get off before you get on.

It sounds more complicated than it is, but remembering if you should be in the front or back car saves you from doing the scared-girl shuffle through the empty subway station in the middle of the night.

Don’t: Be afraid to voice yourself if you’re not satisfied with a service

This is a city that has everything. If you’re going out to eat, restaurants are lucky you chose them. If you’re getting a haircut, the salon is lucky to have your business. There is no limit on options in the concrete jungle and every place you go will probably have competition right across the street, so always make sure you’re getting the most out of your money and your time.

Most places highly value customer service and would be happy to fix whatever problem you’re having, just make sure to be polite and patient and your problem will be resolved.

Do: Stay in touch with all the people you meet

Everywhere you go there’s someone to meet in this city, and it’s wonderful! With all the networking opportunities and potential friendships, you never know what will blossom out of your summer acquaintances.

Whether you may need a place to stay when you come back next summer, or you need someone to vouch for you when you apply for a full-time job, these relationships matter. Heck, even the doormen and restaurant servers remember nice people. Just remember this city is smaller than it seems and make sure your impressions last.

Don’t: Forget to call your parents

I know, I know, this is a little cliché but just bear with me. If you’ve been gone all summer, and are living in one of biggest cities in the world, your parents are probably worried sick—and rightfully so! Or, they also probably miss you a ton, and want to know how you’re doing. Whatever it may be, just give them a call and keep them updated because they’re most likely just as excited as you that you’re getting this is experience, so share it with them.

Most important of all, whatever you do or don’t do this summer just make sure to work hard and have fun!