Daylong Attire: Spring Edition

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The flowers are starting to bloom and the weather is starting to become warmer which means daylongs are back in action. It’s time to put away your winter clothes and break out your long-awaited spring attire. To see what styles are in and to find some pieces to expand your wardrobe, keep reading!

Spring Sets

If you are looking to wear something different, try looking for sets. Not only are they cute, but they are perfect for the warm spring weather. Try looking at Target or even Free People. Pairing a set with a cute shawl and some sneakers is perfect for a day outside in the sun. Plus, some can even pass as a sleeping set.

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Patterned Jackets

Another staple that is so easy to throw over some basic colors is patterned jackets. Whether it’s denim or even a puffer, it will keep you warm for the chilly days and can even work with a cute pair of shorts or a skirt. One piece of clothing can really help piece together an outfit. Urban Outfitters never fails to have unique jackets, so try looking at their website or going to a store near you! If you are looking for stores that are local, try Connections on Allen Street.

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Day-long In Denim

Speaking of denim, patterned jeans have been standing out when it comes to spring fashion. If you are tired of your blue or black jeans, try shopping for jeans with a little more pop to them. PacSun has some perfect spring-themed pants, but if you are looking for denim on the cheaper side, Amazon never fails.

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Fun Sunnies

Something as small as a pair of sunglasses can also make your fit stand out. If you are looking for something different, try heart-shaped sunglasses or ones with fun colored frames. Getting some unique pairs can also be perfect for themed daylongs and parties as well. Amazon always has cheap pairs that come quickly.

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Spring is always an exciting season for new fashion, especially when it comes to daylongs or days at the bars with some friends in the warm weather. If you’re looking for something different or styles that are out of your comfort zone, definitely check out the links above!

You do not have to be spending a lot of money. As mentioned earlier, it can be something as small as a pair of sunglasses or a jacket that you throw on top that can really put together a cute outfit. If you end up purchasing one of our recommendations, take a picture and tweet us @VALLEYmag so we can see!


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