Coats to Help You Survive a Penn State Winter

Although winter break has already passed, the winter season itself is far from over. With January comes major snowfall and icy temperatures here in Happy Valley and when it comes to battling Mother Nature, do we choose the item that’s more stylish or functional? Our answer: both! There’s no reason to sacrifice your everyday style because of a less than ideal forecast. Here, Valley has rounded up some chic winter coats for every budget that’ll keep you cute and cozy as you dash your way through the snow.

Parkas or Nothing

When shopping for a winter coat, look no further than the parka. “I love my parka, it’s definitely one of the best purchases I’ve made this season. It’s durable and keeps me warm during my walks to class,” says Freshman, Alyssa Marucci. Not only does this style cover your legs, keeping your body warmer, it’s also much roomier than other styles on the market. Because the parka coat has a looser fit, layering sweaters, cardigans and scarves won’t leaving you feeling restricted and overheated.

Hello Hoods!

Remembering due dates for assignments and upcoming exams is hard enough as is, so pardon us if we forget to grab a hat before leaving our dorm. That being said, a hood is going to be your lifesaver this winter — it’ll always be there which means one less item to carry, wash, or put away. And as an added bonus, hoods don’t ruin your hair! No need to worry about static, frizz, or that annoying indent you’d normally have after unleashing your mane from under a hat.

Material Matters

To ensure maximum warmth this winter, opt for a down coat. The material is lightweight and breathable. Make sure that when you’re checking the price tag to also be mindful of the down count. Not all coats are created equal. The higher the count, the better quality and level of warmth that particular coat will be. For those that want to be economical with their outerwear purchases, look for a hard shell jacket or a coat with a waxed finish. Both of these options repel water and snow, doubling as both a winter coat as well as a rain jacket.

It’s All In The Details

If you desire a more feminine silhouette, be on the lookout for coats with a waistband or semblance of a belt. These features will cinch the coat in around your waist, giving you a slight hourglass figure.

Also be sure to inspect the pockets! Size and placement are extremely important. For those that keep their electronics and wallets in a backpack, smaller or fewer pockets may be satisfactory. But, for those of you that want easy access to a wallet or phone, be sure to assess the pocket depth and accessibility. The last thing you need is to make a hefty purchase only to realize that your daily necessities don’t fit inside.

Lastly, evaluate your level of laziness. Do you really feel like snapping together fifteen buttons every time you go to put on a coat, or are you more of a one-shot deal zipper girl? Your coat should be your best friend this winter, not a time-consuming nuisance.

Keep these tips in mind when searching for a coat to help you beat the chill. Creating an ensemble to brave those snowy days can be difficult, but being a strategic buyer will leave you warm despite a dusting of snow. Let’s make this winter a little more glam and a little less glum.

Coats to keep you covered at every price point:

  • Jessica Simpson Faux Fur Trim Belted Coat, $195.00, Macy’s
  • London Fog Faux Fur Collar Quilted Down Coat, $225.00, Macy’s
  • Lauren Ralph Lauren Quilted Faux Fur Trim Parka, $320.00, Bloomingdale’s
  • Calvin Klein Faux Fur Hooded Parka, $350.00, Lord and Taylor
  • Bogner Irena Three-Layer Stretch Hooded Coat, $539.00, Neiman Marcus


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