Pay It Fashion Forward

Photo by Steph Distasio

Fashion has always managed to send a message. Various companies have begun to sprout with the hopes of using their creativity to spread the word about important causes. These charitable brands make it easy for customers like us to lend a helping hand by adding items to our online shopping cart. It’s an all around win-win. Valley has rounded up a list of different companies that are leaving a positive mark with their fashionable products, as if you needed another reason to shop.

The Elephant Pants

The Elephant Pants sells colorful harem pants, leggings, accessories and other apparel. For every item sold, the company donates a portion of your purchase to the African Wildlife Foundation. AWF uses this money to support rangers that fight off poachers each and every day. Every article of clothing is handmade by passionate seamstresses in Thailand where the company originated. They are paid double the wage and provided health care for their hard work and positive atmosphere that has been the backbone of this charitable company. The Elephant Pants has raised over $190,000 in donations and continues to fight for the protection of the most beloved creatures.

Love Your Melon

With Winter finally here, who doesn’t want to don a comfortable beanie while also donating to a good cause? Love Your Melon was founded back in 2012 by Zach and Brian, two friends who were merely college sophomores when they came up with the idea of their online shop. Their goal is to provide hats to every child in America battling cancer. Sometimes they even dress up in superhero costumes to make their personal deliveries. Love Your Melon sells beanies, caps, shirts and accessories on their website, and 50% of proceeds on each product sold are donated to cancer foundations. If you know someone battling cancer that has yet to receive a hat, you can visit their website and “Request a Hat” for a hospital delivery!

Headbands of Hope

This company makes it their duty to fight cancer, one headband at a time. Created in 2012 by Jessica Ekstrom, another college-aged entrepreneur, this online headband shop provides a variety of colorful handmade accessories. They’ve even released a line of accessories for boys in hopes of reaching every child they possibly can. For every headband purchased, $1 is donated to cancer research and a headband is given to a child with a cancer. They’ve even donated headbands to every children’s hospital in America! Enter “PSUHOPE” at checkout and $1 will be donated to THON.


While they may not be affiliated with a charity, MantraBands still makes their mark by spreading positivity and confidence to all of its customers. Each bracelet is engraved with a positive message to lift your spirits and remind you to keep pushing through those tough times. There are various colors to choose from and you can pick from hundreds of quotes relating to topics such as “Happiness”, “Strength”, or “Journey”. The best part? There’s always free shipping! Buy a band for yourself, or gift one to a friend to remind them just how important they are.

What are you waiting for? Help those in need while also amping up your wardrobe.


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