Club Spotlight: Cheese Club

Cheddar and Gouda and Brie cheese, oh my! If these three words sparked your interest, you’re in luck. Cheese lovers rejoice; Penn State is home to its very own Cheese Club.

The Cheese Club focuses exactly on what the name implies – cheese. Each week, the club meets to discuss everything from the origin of different cheeses to what wine pairs best.

“We have cheese at every meeting, no matter what,” says club president Amy King, whose personal favorite type of cheese is Bleu.

Cheese at every meeting is a good enough reason for us to join Cheese Club! That’s not all the club has to offer, though. Local cheese makers and dairy specialists from brands such as Land O Lakes also frequently attend meetings and speak about the industry. The club’s advisor, Dr. Kerry Kaylegian, also occasionally presents at meets about the science of cheese making and competitive cheese judging.

“At Penn State we are fortunate enough to have our advisor, Dr. Kaylegian, who isn’t only a food science professor with expertise in dairy foods and artisanal cheeses, but who also serves as an international cheese and dairy product judge,” says King.

The Cheese Club also takes part in a variety of community outreach projects, including the Juniper Village Nursing Home. This past holiday season, Cheese Club planned a fondue dinner for the nursing home residents and is currently working to partner with Penn State’s Feel Good Club to sell grilled cheese. The money raised will go towards the fight against world hunger.

If interested in joining Cheese Club, email Amy at In the meantime, follow the club’s Instagram @penn_state_cheese_club or check them out on Facebook to get your weekly (or daily, we don’t judge) cheese fix.


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