My First Kiss

First kisses are like puppies — adorable, messy, and totally awkward. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner and romance hot on everyone’s mind, we thought it was time to take a step back and appreciate our kissing history. So Valley asked nine students to tell us about the first time they ever locked lips.


“In 6th grade some classmates and I were playing truth or dare at recess, and I got dared to kiss a boy who I had a crush on since kindergarten. As we were about to kiss the bell rang to go back to class so we didn’t end up doing it. Then in class we were working on an assignment, and our teacher left the room, and everyone started chanting for us to kiss so we did. The teacher walked in right as we kissed, and we both got lunch detention,” — Julia H.


“It was not pretty. I had no clue what was going on. We were just sword-fighting… with our tongues.” — John B.

Middle School Dance

“We were at the first middle school dance awkwardly dancing and basically avoiding each other. At the end we were about to leave, but he told someone to tell me he wanted to kiss me. So we awkwardly found each other in the middle of the gym where the dance was, kissed and ran away.” — Sydney G.

Ice Ice Baby

“Seventh grade I tried to have my first kiss while ice skating and I fell.” — Luke H.


“So I had my ‘boyfriend’ over, and we were on the couch and consciously decided to make out for the first time. He leaned in and went for it, and I swear to you it was like someone was pouring water on us… It was the sloppiest, wettest, most disgusting thing ever, like we could not contain the amounts of water pouring out of our mouths all over each other. And then right in the middle of the waterfall make out sesh my dad opened the sliding doors into the living room and said, ‘What’s going on in here?’ That was the most awkward moment of my life, and then my boyfriend went home lol.”  — Mariel E.

Foul Play

“We met up at a park over the summer and he went in for a kiss. But then he grabbed my butt and I was like ‘umm… no.’ He never talked to me after that.”  — Allie B.

Hit and Run

“I was on a date with this guy I met while slightly intoxicated. I didn’t realize how much I didn’t like him until we met for the date. At the end of the night I went back to my car thinking ‘okay, it’s over,’ but then I saw him running across the parking lot! He came up to me and said ‘Sorry! I really wanted to kiss you! I should have!’ So I awkwardly kissed him through the car window then drove away.   — Nikki K.

The Legend

“I was at my first apartment party and all of a sudden two girls sat on my lap. We were just chilling when one kissed me and then we all started kissing. I was forever known as a legend on my floor and still have no clue who they are.” — Justin K.

Star Struck

“We were lying outside looking at the stars and I could tell she really wanted me to kiss her, but I was just too nervous. Eventually we got up and headed for the house, but before she could open the door I grabbed her hand, spun her around and went for it. It was awesome.”  — Sam H.

Thankfully, kissing gets better over time — and so does remembering the awkwardness of your very first one. Thanks for sharing your stories Penn State!