Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2022

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The wait is finally over and all your favorite celebrities have given what they needed to give. This Halloween season did not disappoint with any costume ideas.

Looks ranged from unique to fitting in with popular trends such as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly were one of the couples to participate in this costume as the Hulu show, “Pam and Tommy,” was a huge phenomenon this past year.  Machine Gun Kelly also played Tommy Lee in the Netflix original, “The Dirt,” which was based on Motley Crüe’s rise to fame. This role made the two close friends, which is ironic considering he was Lee again and is paired with his ex-wife. 

photo posted by @meganfox on Instagram

Other costumes that deserve the spotlight were the realization between a photo shoot and going out for Halloween. Online, it is hard to decipher between what is the reality against expectations. When gathering inspiration, it is crucial to see the difference. 

This year, Kylie and Kendall Jenner showed this when they did photo shoots of their costumes. Kylie was the bride of Frankenstein and Kendall was Jesse from Toy Story. After releasing the images, that evening the two went out for a Halloween outing where they were seen in the same costume, yet more comfortable attire. They swapped the dresses up looks in the photo shoots for a casual version which shows not everything has to be over the top on Halloween. 

Even in Hailey Bieber’s bathroom YouTube series, Kylie Jenner dressed up with Hailey to be green witches. This clearly was another photoshoot type of opportunity as it was work for them but still casual and cute.

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Kendall also posted another photo shoot for this year’s Halloween where she was a cucumber. The reason for this was her poking fun at the memes that surfaced of her cutting a cucumber in a bizarre way online. Definitely deserves an award for the funniest costume. 

Photo posted by @kendalljenner on Instagram

Not every celebrity can just go the causal route, and honestly, VALLEY is living for it.  Kim Kardashian went head-to-toe in her costume as she was Mystique from X-Men. 

Photo posted by @kimkardashian on Instagram

Now, how can we forget about the queen of Halloween herself, Heidi Klum? This supermodel has been known for her wild and over-the-top looks for years as she throws her own Halloween party with a carpet to capture them. Her Halloween costumes are to the next extreme as they take all day to put together. This year, Heidi chose to be a worm where she even wiggled on the ground. Definitely far from casual. 

Photo posted by @primevideo and @heidiklum on Instagram

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