Fall into Fitness

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Crisp air, fall-colored leaves, pumpkins and apples all signal that fall is here. As the weather cools down, it’s easier to take advantage of outdoor exercise.

As fall commences, it is a great time to change your workout. Your body gets used to doing the same activities repeatedly. When this occurs, your muscles aren’t being challenged as they should be, thus leading to a potential progress plateau. Take advantage of the weather changing and cooler temperatures with these activities:

Take A Hike

Hiking kills two birds with one stone: It gets you out of your typical routine, and it’s incredibly active — so long as you don’t choose the flattest trail. Remember to challenge yourself! So, if you love to be outdoors and feel that burn in your legs, take a hike — and don’t forget to snap pics of your victory pose at the top.

Go For A Walk
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Running isn’t for everyone, and that’s totally okay. Walking at a fast enough pace to get your heart rate up can be just as effective. In fact, research shows that brisk walking or a slow jog can boost heart health and decrease mortality.

Go Dancing

Take an organized dance class, like hip-hop, salsa, or Zumba — anything to get your heart rate up. The motions of dancing work minute muscles that might be missed by just running or weight-training.

Join A Race

It doesn’t have to be the New York City Marathon (but, hey, why not?) Signing up for a race like Tough Mudder, the Color Run or a triathlon adds the fun of competition, plus the benefits of training with other people who have similar goals. Having a tangible goal to shoot for with a decisive end date is one way to stay motivated to pound the pavement, and enjoy yourself while you do it.

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