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“Saturdays are for the boys” just got a makeover … instead of buying a 12-pack of Natural Light, split a bottle of BRÖÖ with your boys. BRÖÖ is craft beer taken to the next level through skincare. A small indie company based out of North Carolina, BRÖÖ’s mission is to “use premium handcrafted beer to help people look great” through their hair, body and grooming product lines.

VALLEY has your inside look into all that BRÖÖ has to offer.

The Story

Founders Brad and Sarah invented BRÖÖ over the course of two years after Brad had been bitten by a stray dog and had to stay in the hospital for two weeks. His hospital stay encouraged him to take better care of his health, thus impacting his product usage.

After complaining about many of the “natural” shower products he was using and talking to his mother, Brad had Sarah buy a bottle of local handcrafted beer for him to use on his hair. After the first use, the rest was history with Brad and Sarah beginning to try their own brews and soap making until they eventually partnered with someone they met at the Society of Cosmetic Chemists.  After about 50 formula attempts, they finally discovered the perfect combination.

Products & Ingredients

Contrary to what you may first think, beer has several properties that can help the skin. From volume, shine and even hydration, the brewing of the four main components: barley, hops, yeast and water makes for a natural and useful skincare product.

When brewed, the ingredients provide high levels of B vitamins, proteins and minerals which are all very important in creating a natural and healthy product. BRÖÖ holds themselves to the highest standards when it comes to being an all-natural, cruelty-free and vegan product which can be seen throughout all their labeling and information pages such as their “ingredients glossary” page, which outlines all their product ingredients in a more “plain-English” way.

You may be asking yourself,  “Am I going to smell like a frat house after using this?” and your answer is simply, no. Although the product is beer based, BRÖÖ uses fragrances such as lavender, citrus and mint to mask what would be the overwhelming alcohol scent.

The BRÖÖ hair product line includes four different shampoo and conditioner blends that each focus on a different aspect of hair treatment: thickening, moisturizing, invigorating and color crazed. BRÖÖ also offers two shampoo & body bar mixes one targeting hydration through coconut, sea salt and bergamot and the other targeting detoxing with charcoal, bourbon and spice.

Male grooming is mainly focused through their craft beer “Barber Shower Session Wash” which they market as a 4-in-1 wash for hair, body, face and beard. The “Body” product section of BRÖÖ focuses on four aromatherapy lotions based on “BRÖÖ moods” those being “unplug” to clam yourself, “reboot” to power up, “sleep” to drift into your dreams and “connect” a hand cream for your touch screen. BRÖÖ goes even farther to soothe their customers through their free BRÖÖ Moods App  a mindfulness focused app to pair with the usage of their aromatherapy lotions.

BRÖÖ has recently been introduced to many major stores including CVS Pharmacy, Whole Foods, Bed Bath & Beyond and more while also continuing their online shopping platform on their website as well as Amazon. These products are definitely a newer concept in terms of skincare, but certainly one worth giving a try.


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