Breaking Bad Habits

SiruWen.BadHabitsWe all have those bad habits we’re constantly trying to break. It’s a little late for New Year’s resolutions, but it’s never too late to become a better you. Bad habits can be anything from gossiping to eating unhealthy, and it’s time to cut out the negatives and bring in the positives.

The first step to breaking any bad habit is making it conscious. To really make it sink in, write little notes to motivate you and post them around your room. Once you’ve recognized the problem, think about a healthy habit to replace your bad habit with. Change can be hard, but we’re here to help! We’ve compiled a list of some common habits and their solutions:

Nail biting: Ever find yourself hiding your hands because you’ve gnawed your nails to a nub? Fear no more because we have your solutions. We recommend taking a trip downtown to pick up “Bite it-The easy way to stop nail biting” from CVS. Apply a coat of this over your nails twice a week and you’re good to go! Painting your nails is also an easy way to stop biting your nails and it’s the perfect excuse for a well-deserved manicure.

Knuckle cracking: Parents everywhere have warned us that cracking your knuckles will cause arthritis. Though this may be a bit of an extreme, knuckle cracking can develop into a serious habit and the sound can be seriously annoying. Try keeping a hair tie or rubber band around your wrist and whenever you go to crack your knuckles, snap it as a reminder.

Smoking: We all know that smoking isn’t just a bad habit – it’s an addiction. There’s a bunch of products out there to help quit smoking, including Nicotine gum and patches. And let’s be honest: smoking smells. Want to know just how bad the inside of a smoker’s mouth smells? When you’re flossing, bring the floss up to your nose and that should serve as an instant reminder.

Fidgeting: Ever have those days when you’re sitting in class and can’t seem to sit still? The first step to stop fidgeting is identifying the cause. Excess energy, caffeine, boredom, anxiety and nervousness could all be the cause of your squirming and twitching. Think about your actions and find ways to control them that work for you. Relaxation is key when it comes to breaking this bad habit. Or maybe it’s time to cut back on those venti lattes from Starbucks.

Just because your habit isn’t on this list doesn’t mean you can’t stop it! Follow these steps and we promise you’ll be on your way to becoming a successful bad habit breaker.

Photo by Siru Wen

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