Styling Socks for Winter

Obrien_socks (1)Socks are to winter what pedicures are to summer:  a bright personal touch to complete any outfit.  One of Valley’s favorite things about this chilly weather- other than peppermint mocha latte’s from Starbucks and festively decorated downtown, is being able to bundle up in a stylish way. We’re used to freezing winters and a ton of snow, so it’s time to break out our cold-weather staples.

Knee-high socks- the closet staple reminiscent of a schoolgirl, have become a fundamental piece in our grown-up wardrobes, especially in the winter. From thick wooly socks that add texture to lace-trimmed knee-highs that add a touch of sex appeal to a cozy look, the unpredictable State College weather poses no challenge to our sock drawer. ‘Tis the season for coverage, so look no further than knee-high socks that can be found in practically every store downtown to add a fashionable edge to your layers. 

Pairing a short dress with knee-highs gives the illusion of longer legs while adding some extra warmth. Finish off the look with riding boots or combat boots in order to tone down a look that may seem too dressy. With knee-high socks, you can wear all of your favorite summertime dresses without shivering or having to put them away in a box for the winter.

This season, the most popular patterns of socks and tights include fishnets, checkerboard, floral and geometric patterns. Scrunched down or peeking out just above your boots, your socks can be a key styling statement. You can also add knee-high socks for an extra lining to Hunter Boots and as an additional layer over jeans. Knee-high socks and boots are a killer combo, especially when paired with an oversized sweater-dress.

Knee socks are a great way to add another cozy layer while also playing up your style. If you choose to rock a monochrome look (we suggest winter white), knee high socks are at their best paired with a short skirt or shorts. To lengthen the leg- pair socks with heeled or wedged booties. If you’re worried that you don’t have the legs for the trend, wear socks and tights of the same color. You’ll achieve the look without drawing the eye to where the sock can unflatteringly end.

The knee-high socks trend can be intimidating to some – you can go from looking like the star student to a naughty schoolgirl pretty fast. So to save your look from getting a failing grade, make sure to play with proportions. It’s important to remember to keep your bottoms at an acceptable length and pair it with more conservative pieces.

And now that the holiday season is upon us, socks have a reputation of being boring and lame when it comes to gift giving.  Socks with the face of Santa Claus or little reindeer can be the added touch you need to complete any holiday outfit- and they look totally cute at an ugly sweater Christmas party.

Photo by Alex O’Brien


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