Rule-Breaking Ways to Wear White in Winter

Photo by Shantelle Williams

The unwritten “rules” of fashion order us to put away our white clothes each Labor Day until the following May for Memorial Day. However, Valley thinks that some rules were made to be broken.

Though mom may not agree, winter whites make this age-old adage a thing of the past and signals to the world that you are a fashion standout.  Be a rebel and get a sense of freedom by wearing white after Labor Day and well into winter. Even Coco Chanel wore white all year round. Wearing white, winter white, ivory and cream also reflect an appreciation for one of this season’s biggest trends.

When the temperature drops, it’s time to take out the dark colors of black, grey, navy and brown for most people. But if you haven’t noticed, winter isn’t a funeral, it’s a season. Don’t be afraid to break out the color. And wearing white is a bold choice on a dreary day when everyone else is wearing black. Keep in mind that white comes in a ton of different shades- you could try an off-white sweater, a cream-colored coat or even an eggshell leather vest.

The greatest part about wearing white is that it is completely versatile. White is a neutral color that works well with patterns, plaid and practically every color. If you have a statement print skirt or pants but you can’t seem to find a shirt that matches, no need to fear, grab a nice white top. It’s all about balance so the details in the white shirt should be simple when paired with a vivid print. All that’s missing now is nude pumps or flats.

Play around with different textures and shapes of white pieces to create a monochromatic outfit that could rival even Miley Cyrus’ all-white pantsuit at the American Music Awards. Not only is a monochrome outfit slimming, but also it’s also attention grabbing.  Each of the white pieces in your outfit should be the same shade; otherwise it will take away the awe-factor that comes with monochrome.

So you have the art of putting together a monochromatic white outfit, but it looks too plain for you? Get a statement piece. A wine colored purse, an emerald green scarf, a slim blue belt, floral pumps or any colored piece you can find in your wardrobe will do the trick. But make sure not to go too over the top because a monochromatic white outfit is in itself attention-getting. If you decide to stick with the chic and clean monochrome look, you can even make a statement with your makeup- try a bold red lip or black cat eyeliner.

Valley’s only advice? Don’t forget to carry that Tide pen if you’re like Carrie Bradshaw and know that you’ll never be the girl “who can wear white and not spill on it.”

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