Four Ways to Wear a Blazer

Johnson.WaysToWearABlazerAs we progress through the later years of college, our work experiences become increasingly professional.  Though the commitment of real world jobs tends to be frightening, we do get the opportunity to dress the part of serious, hardworking businesswomen.

A blazer is a necessity when attending career fairs or job interviews. These sophisticated jackets can get pricey if you’re looking to invest in a nicer one that will last you years. Luckily, blazers are extremely versatile and can be worn with many different outfits for various occasions in addition to business settings.

1. Keep It Casual

Blazers are a perfect complement to a casual outfit with jeans. Blazers and jeans work well to expresses the idea that you’re put-together and serious while still remaining laid-back enough for a casual environment. The clean-cut jacket will dress up your ensemble. This outfit can be worn to your part-time job, a class where you’re giving a speech or even a date night. 

2. Play Up Your Party Look 

During the fall and winter months, throw a blazer on top of a mini dress when going out at night. It will make the dress look classier while also keeping you warm. You can transform from sophisticated in the beginning of the night to party girl by slipping the blazer off. Wearing a blazer with a nice dress is also smart for going to venues with a coat check.

3. Dress It Down

Blazers can easily be dressed down as well. You can layer it on top of a tee shirt and zip up hoodie. This look is perfect for a daytime lunch or shopping spree with friends. Just make sure you’re not layering too many vibrant pieces because the outfit has potential for looking heavy. Chose one key piece to stand out.

4. Make It High Fashion

On many fashion blogs, women and men are wearing jackets over their shoulders while leaving their arms out of the sleeves. This effortless look adds the sophistication of a blazer without the heaviness of actually wearing it. This technique also alleviates some body heat if you’re in a stuffy room. Wear your blazer this way when running quick errands or if you want to dress up your outfit for a social gathering.

Photo by Lauren Johnson

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