Wake Up, It’s Time for School

SamFlorio.StayAwakeWith summer break in just a few short weeks, dragging yourself out of bed gets harder every day. But once that challenge is conquered, you’ve got an ever bigger one ahead of you: paying attention in class.


Sit near the front

This one is really beneficial if you have class in a big lecture hall. It’s hard to screw around when you’re only a few feet away from your lecturer. Sitting in the front will give you the incentive to not be that guy who’s on Facebook the whole time, clearly ignoring the professor.

Lose the phone!

I would never tell somebody to leave their phone at home, but if you check something for a minute and the next thing you know 45 minutes have gone by, you really might want to consider leaving it in your bag until class is over. Really, turn. it. off.

Grab a coffee

If you’re seriously considering skipping a class in favor for a nap, head to Starbucks and get an espresso (which has more caffeine than a regular coffee). For you non-coffee drinkers out there, get a Red Bull or a Five Hour Energy.

Notes, notes, notes!

Even for that one class that you hate taking notes in, just do it. Not only will it keep you engaged, but you’ll see a significant boost in your grade.

Go back to your elementary school roots

…. And bring an afternoon snack! Sometimes a busy schedule makes it almost impossible to have a full lunch, so bring along something quick and yummy like Trail Mix. Olivia Price, sophomore nutrition major, says, “It has sugars, healthy fats, and carbohydrates that give you quick energy.” Sounds good to us!

Photo by Sam Florio


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