Apple is the New Pumpkin

ApplesIsTheNewPumpkin_JessicaLaGrecaOkay, pumpkin lovers – we hate to disappoint you, but don’t you think the whole “pumpkin-flavored whatever” thing is getting a little old?

Hear us out – now that everyone is consumed with all things pumpkin, this pumpkin-obsession is slowly turning into a universal sign for “basic.”

So why not mix it up? We know of a great autumn fruit alternative: the apple.

Truthfully, the apple has been put on the back-burner ever since the pumpkin stole its spotlight. We are here to restore the apple to its former glory.

Starbucks Swap

The next time you hit up Starbucks, swap the Pumpkin Spice Latte out for the Caramel Apple Spice cider.

Think hot apple cider with a sweet cinnamon twist – fresh apple juice steamed to the perfect temperature, a dash of cinnamon syrup, whipped cream and a caramel drizzle. While you may not get the caffeine kick you need, the drink is literally fall in a cup.

And – if you are not fortunate enough to enjoy the “free” Starbucks provided by Penn State meal points – Irving’s also has amazing hot apple cider.

Friday Farmer’s Market

Way Fruit Farm makes a stop at the State College Farmer’s Market every Friday, and their booth is tasty with temptation.

They sell all things apple – apple cider, dried apple schnitz, applesauce, apple butter and up to 21 varieties of homegrown apples. Stop by the market on Locust Lane and try one of these sweet apple treats for yourself while they’re in season.

Autumn Apple Candles

Let’s be honest with ourselves – all college girls love candles. Specifically, fall scented candles.

Luckily for all of us borderline basics out there, Yankee Candle has an apple cider-scented candle for the fall that rivals any warm pumpkin scent. The candle, specifically named “Apple Cider,” smells like hot cider spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg – perfect for a fall night in.

Penn State Creamery

The Berkey Creamery knows what’s good.  This fall, they’re hopping on the apple bandwagon with their “Apple Cobbler Crunch” flavor.

The ice cream, described as “cinnamon apple flavored ice cream with pie pieces and apple sauce swirl,” is currently available at the creamery, but creamery employees are unsure of how long it will last.  Get it while it’s hot (cold?), Penn State.

Photo by Jessica LaGreca 

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