Cold Day, Hot Mess?

SamFlorio.SnowAccessories (1)You were walking to class this past week in a blizzard, having spent a half an hour or more on your beauty routine, and you realize that the eyeliner and mascara you so carefully applied only twenty minutes ago are now streaming down your face. Your hair that you spent time straightening is also doing its own thing, choosing to curl awkwardly and frizz in the most adorable Anne Hathaway “Princess Diaries” way.

Thanks, snow.

Now think of the scene from the movie “Just Friends” with Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart in which they’re ice-skating on a cold winter day. Amy looks adorably fresh faced, her cheeks rosy and her hair perfectly wavy, without a piece out of place. Now, in the scene it’s cold enough that the two are able to skate on a lake that has frozen over. It’s a tundra. And yet there’s Amy, lookin’ like Barbie.

Well, it’s our personal belief at Valley that any girl should be able to look like Barbie, no matter what the weather chooses to do. Ladies, it’s time to start looking movie-hot in the snow.

So what makes a snow-meltingly hot look for winter? It’s got three main components: The make-up, the hair and the accessories.

The key to element-proof make up is priming the skin and finding the right products. With the wicked combination of wind outside and dry heat from heaters inside, your skin is practically crying for moisture.

So start your routine by cleansing followed immediately by a more intense moisturizer than you would use in the summer. What moisturizer you use will depend on your skin type, but be sure that whatever moisturizer you use is going to give you all-day moisture.

During the winter you want to think about a foundation that’s going to go the extra mile. We’re talking 24-hour-wear. These foundations are meant to last all day, so the extra hassle the weather provides won’t even hold a candle to what these products are made for.

Make Up For Ever makes a 24-hour foundation called Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation that can be applied wet or dry for build-able coverage for $36.

The winter is also a great time to use BB Creams because many of them have built in SPF, antioxidants and moisturizing agents that give your skin the extra boost it needs to give you that glowing “I just came off the movie set” look.

Finally, waterproof your mascara. No questions asked.

Your hair will also be wanting in the moisture department, so it’s important to use hair masks and moisturizing creams when styling. Look for anti-humidity hair products when styling, and if your hair still frizzes up, think about incorporating a cute hat or ear warmers into your look to give you more styling options.

To add the finishing touch to your perfect winter-weather look, add some feminine accessories like an infinity scarf, ear warmers, a hat or a pair of mittens to give your look some extra warmth and style.

“Our ear warmers have sequins on them, they’re really cute. And some of our scarves have studs on them,” says Hila Aronson, an Access employee.

“We also have sweaters that are mohair from Latin America that are really cool, and are really warm and cozy for winter,” she suggests.

Now, with the right make up, hair products and accessories you’re ready to face the State College winter…and look hot doing it!

Photo by Sam Florio


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