All Geeked Out: Coolest Accessories For Your Mac

If you own a laptop and don’t have stickers on it, can you even call yourself a Penn Stater? Valley put together a list of the coolest and on-trend MacBook accessories you need to do your school work in style.

Nordstrom Designer Collection White Marble Laptop Cover

Looking to add a sleek and aesthetic design to your laptop? Nordstrom sells a wide variety of on-trend laptop cases and covers that won’t break the bank.

This marbled design case retails for $16 and can fit the MacBook Pro Series. Trust us, everyone in your lecture class will be asking where your laptop cover is from.

RedBubble Laptop Stickers

Pretty much everyone at Penn State has heard of the amazing site RedBubble for their laptop decals. Although, a lot of people do not know that the site offers different categories for the types of stickers you’re looking for.

The site offers sections such as Trendy Stickers and Classic Vintage Stickers; not to mention a ton of PSU options as well.

The site offers any laptop sticker you could dream of for a very reasonable price.

SuperNova Light Cube LED Bluetooth Speaker

Who doesn’t love to blast music and throw a party every now and then? This bluetooth speaker allows you to connect to your Mac without any cords or wires.

The coolest part about this speaker is the light show that it provides while your music plays. You even have the ability to change the colors and patterns as the song goes on.

How could this speaker get any better? It will only set you back about $40.

DodoCool USB-C Charging Hub 

This life changing device allows you to charge or plug in up to four devices on your Mac at a time.

This adapter can only be used for laptops that support USB-C cables, so make sure you check online before buying to ensure it will fit your laptop.

The small, portable device comes in a variety of matte colors and retails around $50. Totally worth the price for the amount of time you will save plugging in multiple devices all at once.

Keyboard Covers

Nothing makes typing a ten page paper go faster then staring at an aesthetically pleasing keyboard cover, right?

Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom and Amazon sell the cutest covers for your keyboard. From Unicorn, tie-dye and ombre patterns, these retailers offer a large variety to sort through.

Valley recommends ordering your cover through Amazon, as two-day shipping is free with an Amazon Prime account and the prices are more “college” friendly.

If you try out any of these trendy laptop accessories, tweet us a picture @ValleyMag!

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