Active Campus: Calories for credit

Time to schedule! Or, at least, time to start thinking about your next schedule. We all have our tactics: avoid 8 a.m.’s, make every weekend a three-day weekend, look up each class on, take classes with friends. But when it comes to finding those last few credits, consider a GHA (Gen Ed – Health and Physical Activity) that actually gets you moving.

If you truly want to learn the science or history behind health and fitness, go for it, but for everyone else, why not burn extra calories and receive scholarly credit?

If you’re feeling adventurous… try KINES 001, Intro to Outdoor Pursuits. This course covers all the outdoorsy activities you can imagine: biking, kayaking, orienteering, hiking, rock climbing and more. These are skills you can use for life with your friends or family, locally or on vacation.

If you’re looking for that special someone… or just want to learn how to ballroom dance, taking KINES 017. This one’s a favorite amongst girls and guys, with 20 sections open (probably not for long) to suffice its popular demand. I remember on my accepted-students tour, my guide announced something along the lines of, “There comes a time in every man’s Penn State career when he decides whether or not to take ballroom dancing.”

If you’re feeling handy… and like seafood, take KINES 004 and learn how to fly fish. Catch some fish, cook them up and eat like a champ. Or if you plan on hunting with a bow and arrow any time soon, try indoor and outdoor archery with KINES 026.

To really get your heart pumping… trying KINES 072, Fitness Walking or KINES 065, jogging. Initially forcing you to partake in exercise for class credit, you’re bound to continue the healthy habit after the semester’s over.

For stress relief… you can either learn to manage your stress with exercise in KINES 083, or try yoga with KINES 077.

For self-defense and strength, Penn State offers a few courses in martial arts such as KINES 076, Tai Chi Ch’uan. Not only do martial arts keep you fit, but they’re a great skill for women (and men) to have for safety.

If a class is full, watch-list it — GHAs have frequent turnover. These courses are a worthwhile addition to any semester. Watch out for extra fees and equipment requirements on some courses. Other than that, just show up and get moving.

Photo by Rhiannon Hedrick

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