Tan State

With spring break already gone and warm weather radiating through Penn State, getting that bronze complexion is on the brain. For those who were lucky enough to escape to Florida or Mexico over break, fresh tans are flaunted around campus.

However, if you didn’t have the luxury of a beach getaway and want to have a nice tan for the beginning of the season, we’ve got some advice for becoming a bronzed beauty!

The healthiest way to get a perfect tan is to go to a downtown CVS (116 W. College Ave. or 138 E. Beaver Ave.) and buy self-apply tanning lotion. Self-tanners are the best alternative to natural tanning because you control the amount of color desired. Also, the lotion can be evenly spread so you won’t look cakey or orange. We recommend self-tanners by Aveeno, Jergens and Neutrogena.

If you prefer to use a bed at a tanning salon, some of the popular places downtown are The Bronze Tanning Co. (319 E. Beaver Ave.), Hollywood Tans (111 W. Beaver Ave.) and California Tanning Express (328 E. Calder Way). But while lying under ultraviolet rays might be easy and fast, there are negative health effects that come with this method. Cumulative damage caused by UV radiation can lead to premature skin aging (wrinkles and brown spots) as well as skin cancer. Check out spray tan options that are offered instead.

Now that the sun is shining brightly over the happiest of valleys and the weather is warm, it might be a nice idea to lie outside at the campus pool and get real color, with proper sunscreen protection of course. It’s a real treat to be able to listen to your iPod, study, take a nap and gossip with friends outside instead of in your stuffy dorm room or apartment.

A nice trick to give the illusion of a strong, glowing tan is to paint your finger and toe nails a light color, such as pink, or get a French manicure. The light paint contrasts with dark skin, making your skin shade pop. Also, complement your tan with shimmery eyeshadow, and wear bronzer to make your face glow!

Photo by Lindsay Lipovich

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