Beauty Hints from Home: Love, Moms & Grandmas

Sometimes, moms and grandmas have the best advice – especially when it comes to beauty. Our staff went back home and asked for some pointers:


“Whenever you are drying off your face or your body, always dry up with a towel.  Never pull down on your skin because you want to fight gravity and avoid wrinkles.”

“Always take off all of your makeup before bed. It’s crazy how much better your skin will look if you let it breathe at night.”

“Always look your best because when you’re out you never know who you will meet and see. She recommends wearing long earrings and lipstick!”

“Drink tons of water. It washes bad things out of your system. The first glass of water in the morning is the most important. I’ve never skipped that since I was a little girl. And walk a lot!”

“Apply powdered pearl on skin to make it look more youthful.”

“Hair that is well kept (trimmed regularly, no roots showing, etc.) makes a woman look classy.”

 Photo by Brittany Trappe

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