Magentic…Nails? We Test the Trend

Girls like me change the color of their nail polish every 3 days, habitually. They pick colors to match how they feel. But what happens when you get bored of the same bland colors? Sure, glitter can spice up your life a little bit, but we want more. Enter Nails Inc. Magnetic Nail Polish.

Fashion trendsetters rant and rave about this polish. The amazement in girls’ eyes as the pattern changes is quite enjoyable to watch. “It is so cool,” says Sophomore Julia Eliopoulos. “It is like magic when I put the magnet over the plain color and it changes.”

While I was not a fan of last year’s crackle nail polish trend, when Valley asked me to write an article on this new magnetic trend, I figured I had to test it out for myself.

The trip to CVS was convenient, but seeing the shocking sticker price of $9.95 was a little much. I bought the plum shade with the hope that if I did not like the magnetic look, I could still wear the color plain, without using the magnetic feature.

It would have been nice that this pricey polish came with some directions. Diving in, I applied two coats and prepared for the magnetic reaction; but it didn’t work. After a little YouTube and Google searching, I found out that you can only apply one coat.

You also have to paint one nail at a time, and then immediately hold the magnet right above the nail for about 10 seconds. As it hovers, you should see the pattern develop.

I finished off with a nice glossy topcoat, and overall was satisfied with the design. The wave pattern on my nails gave the plum coloring a new look.

I can only wait to see what the nail trend for next year will be. Whatever it is, I am sure that I will fall into buying the product and trying it out myself again.

Conclusion: Though it is pricey, if looking for something fun to experiment with this season, it’s definitely worth a shot!

Where it is available: CVS pharmacy (E. Beaver & W. College), $9.95; Wal-Mart Stores Inc., $8.97

Note: for directions on how to apply, check out this video from Sally

Photo by Kylin Chen

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