DIY Duo: Tiny Details

The DIY Duo is hitting the HUB this week.

Come celebrate Valley Week and Valley’s 10th issue by make your own earrings today, cost on us, at our DIY table on the ground floor. Take a break between classes to spice up your wardrobe and accessorize.
Here’s a sneak peak and the simple steps.

What you’ll need:

Plain earring studs and backs
Plastic flowers (or any beads)
Hot glue gun


1. First, pick out which beads you’d like to use.

2. Put hot glue onto the flat surface of the earring stud.

3. Arrange the flowers in any design you like, and hold onto the earring. We decided to put three different colors on each earring.

4. Let them dry and wear them like you bought them at achic boutique. Let this be Valley’s own birthday present – to you.

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