Active Campus: Don’t slack over spring break

Finally, you can breathe! A much-deserved spring break is just days away and doing absolutely nothing is exactly what your body and mind need.

Well, at least in theory. Ultimate relaxation should revitalize you, but how much is too much? Between endless eating (Mom’s cooking and your favorite restaurants … I bet you can’t wait) and having no real reason to get off the couch, your calorie input and output aren’t quite the ratio you’re used to. Mid-way through break you’ll start feeling sluggish and even more tired. We’ve all been there. And if you haven’t, I’m thoroughly impressed.

Breaks are such a sudden and drastic change in healthy habits. Suddenly miles walked to class each day and the convenience of on-campus gyms are out of the picture. But by planning ahead, let’s try not to fall into the slump this break!

For starters, try to get in a workout first thing in the morning (or afternoon — whenever you wake up). The more you sit, the less likely you are to get up and going. Starting your day with a little bit of exercise will give you energy and make all the eating slightly more acceptable.

No gym membership at home? You’re not excused! Combine the Internet and your muscles and you’ll find that YouTube is a wonderful tool. Real trainers broadcast quick, easy workouts you can do in your bedroom. “8 Minute Abs” is a popular one, and you can’t tell me you don’t have eight minutes to spare any day of break.

Let’s not forget about the outdoors, either! After all, it’s spring, so hopefully the sun shines on your hometown while you’re around. Weather permitting, please your body and your parents by going for a nice walk around the neighborhood together. Catch up and tone up!

Along the same lines, make workout plans with your home friends. Reuniting with your high school buddies is the best part of break, and you can be each other’s encouragement while you’re home. Go down to the high school track like the good old days for some déjà vu of gym class fitness tests.

For even more a flashback, be a kid again. If THON didn’t spoil you with enough toys already, chances are you still have a garage or closet full of workout-friendly toys at home: jump rope (cardio) and hula hoop (abs)!

Most of all, don’t procrastinate. Start as soon as you’re home and you won’t want to ruin your healthy streak.

Photo by Rhiannon Hedrick

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