A New Wave of Confidence and Body-Positivity: Sienna Mae Gomez

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These times are very trying when it comes to body positivity and feeling comfortable in your own skin. Today, our society often body shames with the onset of social media which sets impossible standards for what an ideal body should look like. But the truth is, there is no such thing as an ideal body. There is no such thing as perfect. Everyone is beautiful in their own skin and should not feel the need to compare themselves or only feel beautiful once they reach a certain weight.

Whether you consider yourself thick or thin, size is not important. What matters is how you feel and if you are taking care of yourself. Women and young girls especially feel the need to look a certain way, diet and exercise. This society has formed its own idea of what beauty is and girls starting at a young age feel the need to meet those standards.

You must be a certain weight, you have to be a certain BMI and more. The truth is, everyone is built differently. Everyone has a different metabolism and body structure. We should not all look the same. 

When we see models, we often see impossibly flat stomachs, muscle definition, thigh gaps and no rolls. First off, we paint this as the ideal body, but we can not assume that we know how the model feels? On both ends, what you may think is an ideal body, someone else might see as underweight. And what you might see as conventionally “fat” someone else may see as conventionally “skinny”.

There is no definition of beauty, so we should stop trying to make one. There is no such thing as perfect. When a celebrity bends over and a stomach roll shows, it’s controversial. We all have skin, and underneath that, fat tissue, and when we bend over, no matter how much we work-out, odds are it’s going to show. That is nothing to feel bad about!  

The pressure to look a certain way is also heavily food-focused. Your body was designed to eat food because it’s our source of fuel. Sweets may not be the healthiest option but treating yourself to a snack is expected and no one should feel shamed for it. Everyone has cravings, and you deserve to indulge. Whatever progress you are trying to make, having ice cream is not going to destroy it in one serving, or even a few. 

It is good that you fuel your body and make yourself full of foods that will give you energy. Don’t hold back from eating, because in the end, you are only hurting yourself. Not eating starves your body and puts it in starvation mode, ruining your metabolism and using less ideal sources for energy. 

Your body will continue to be hungry until you feed it. Eating is normal, rolls are normal, curves are normal. So many women and children have eating disorders because they do not want to eat or else, they think they will look fat, or they eat and then feel guilty about it. But that is not ok. We need to normalize normal bodies, and Sienna Mae Gomez does just that.  

Sienna is a 16-year-old influencer who currently has a 12.3 million following that is continuously growing. In just over a year, Gomez has posted various content from dances to body positivity.

Her platform boosts confidence and body positivity in anyone who watches. At her young age, she has done what many cannot, which is to accept herself and love herself for who she is. And with her platform, she is starting to boost this confidence and positivity to everyone who watches her. 

Sienna has a positive and caring spirit that can be seen in any of her Tiktoks. She is authentic and true to herself, honest to everyone about her body. It is a refreshing thing to see on Tiktok, and she has really set this idea of body confidence into motion in the app, standing out from others. Sienna has many TikToks showing how the placement of your bikini bottoms or the fit of your workout tights can completely change your body image. She uses the “Body’s that look like this, also look like this” sound. Very realistically, she shows how your body looks one way, and then in an instant, how your whole image can change. But it does not matter. You can look “flat” and that may be ideal for you, and then the minute you sit, three rolls suddenly appear on your stomach and that makes you feel ugly and like you need to cover up. You should not be ashamed. Truthfully, they are both ideal images of the body. Real is ideal.

Sienna has multiple videos standing and then when she sits, she has rolls forming over her jeans. She will dance with a crop top and sweatpants, and her stomach will hang out. And she is still beautiful! Her body is normal and real, and what makes her even more beautiful is the love she has for herself. What’s unfortunate is that people are shocked to see a roll or some curves, but they shouldn’t be. Everyone looks like that, but they just don’t show it, so people think the skin rolls are not there. 

Sienna also does “Sit Down and Eat with Me” videos where she will encourage you to take a bite of food and then another one. She will go first and then you. Or she will just simply sit down eating her food and you will have yours and you can eat together and replay the video until you are done eating. Not only does she boost body confidence, but she boosts confidence in people performing normal acts like eating and not feeling bad about it. She encourages girls to feel confident on the inside and out and encourages women to fuel their bodies and feed themselves. She’ll eat a bagel, a pizza if she’s feeling it or a tub of Ben and Jerry’s. She’s real and honest. You don’t always have to follow a diet, you don’t always have to restrict yourself. Eat that food!  

Photo posted by @siennamaegomez on Instagram

Fans write to her thanking her for making them feel loved and beautiful. She encourages them and they encourage her, making her feel more confident so she can keep posting real content. If we were to break this negative cycle of body shaming and start supporting and boosting each other up, while being authentic and true to ourselves, we could create a whole new cycle of positivity, normalizing bodies and applauding confidence. Sienna sparks confidence. She has such a heart for her fans and will have conversations with them in the comments, interacting with them, and isn’t just one-sided. She cares and is an amazing young role-model to look up to. When she speaks about confidence, she says that no one else’s opinion matters and that’s amazing advice. When you let what people say get to you, it holds you back. Focus on you, because no one else knows you better than you. If there is anything you get from Sienna, it’s to be genuine and confident.  

On top of being an influencer, being signed with ICM Partners talent agency, she also has her own merchandise, centered around confidence and every body being beautiful. Sienna continues to carry on the body-positive movement and VALLEY encourages you to join in! 

What’s beautiful is the ability to be confident and love who you are.  

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