A Guys Perspective on Girls Fashion

Yilmaz_Men'sopionongirlsfashion2Toning down your inner fashionista to fit in with the “t-shirt and leggings” college campus garb every day isn’t fun, especially when you have to factor in the opinions of the male species. As girls, we tend to think that unless it’s super-short or crazy-tight, that guys won’t notice what we’re wearing at all. Though they may not be able to discern Michael Kors from Marc Jacobs, you’d be surprised how much guys actually take notice. What goes on inside a guy’s mind is shrouded in mystery, but Valley took it to the streets to go where no girl has have ever gone before.

When it comes to fashion- there are just some things that guys will never understand. We know that leggings are comfortable, versatile and a staple in practically every girl’s closet, but guys still can’t seem to wrap their heads around them. Jeggings, it seems, are even worse.

As senior English major Carlos Chism puts it, “I’ll never understand the things that look like jeans that aren’t jeans.” We gave him a little help with the proper term for the hybrid of leggings and jeans.

High-waist shorts, heel-less heels, chunky platforms and harem pants are among the other trends that guys can’t comprehend about girl’s fashion. Let’s take it down to the feet with footwear guys don’t get- Uggs. They may be a necessity for the freezing State College winters, but make sure you keep it that way.

As junior Dylan Murray says, “I really don’t like when I see girls wearing Uggs with shorts, or a skirt. It’s just confusing; are you hot or are you cold?”

What about the trends that guys like, and take notice of? Skinny jeans, off-the shoulder tops, flats, rompers, yoga pants and sundresses will get guys looking, in a good way. A helpful hint is to skip the girly dress for a night out, because guys like an outfit with a bit of rock. Add a leather jacket to your outfit, and you’re set. Guys like when girls appear less fragile, and look like they can pack a punch.

It’s hard to make a blanket statement for what all guys like, but it seems that they can appreciate our experimentation with fashion as long as we’re still showing off our figure a little bit. Whether this is something you like or dislike, guys just want us to feel confident- and isn’t that what all the women’s magazines we read have been telling us for years?

The most important thing to remember is that whatever you wear is ultimately your choice, and you shouldn’t feel the need to dress a certain way for a guy. In fact, don’t dress for anyone but yourself.

Take it from a guy- “I think what a girls wearing says a lot, but definitely not everything. People rock different stuff and finding what works is different for everybody,” says senior Kelly Tunney.  

Photo by Orhan Yilmaz 


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