Fall Boots: Kick It In Style

Elmasllari.FallBootsWith the weather changing from sweltering heat to a brisk autumn breeze, fall boots are hitting the shelves once again. Each season brings an interesting new trend, but personally, I see three great styles at play: the ankle boot, the over-the-knee and the Dr. Marten boot.

Meghan Pyle, manager at the Shoe Box, said that ankle boots are the hottest trend right now. She said there are three popular styles: low heel, cutout and motorcycle or engineer boots. All three styles can be worn with almost any outfit.

Low heel ankle boots have a thick block heel of about two to three inches and are embellished with one detail. They have a side zipper or leather strap and come in different types of suede. The mid heel is dressy enough to wear out at night but also appropriate for class.

The cutout trend has made its way down from dresses to shoes. Cutout ankle boots are both edgy and trendy. They are usually adorned with buckles on the straps around the ankles, which create the cutout effect. The Shoe Box sold many different Steve Madden and Jeffery Campbell styles in leather and suede; but cutout boots are hitting most other shoe stores making them easy to purchase anywhere.

The last popular style of ankle boot is the motorcycle or engineer boot. These styles have a grungy feel, though they are still easy to pull off. These boots always have a low heel that stands an inch at most. They also have lots of straps, laces and hardware like you might actually see on a motorcyclist or a punk rocker. Steve Madden’s popular Troopa or military boot falls under this category.

Pyle also recommends Dr. Martens. These boots are for the courageous; they make a huge statement. Dr. Martens typically come in different textures of black, but this season they were offered in many different styles. Filling four display shelves at the Shoe Box, the boots came in a variety of floral prints and bold colors such as fire engine red, bubblegum pink, snow white and deep oxblood. Not to mention the crazy loafer and rain boot docs-  the edgiest of them all.

Recently seen on the runways were the thigh-high boots. In the past they might have come off as street-walker-wear, but if worn tastefully today, can look amazing. They naturally elongate your legs and are a great addition to your pants. Take a risk and pair sky-high leather boots with leather pants to achieve the popular mono-color trend.

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