4 Reasons Why You Should Do A Digital Detox

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Let’s face it — most college students are addicted to their phones. According to a study done by Psych Central, college students spend around eight to 10 hours on their cell phones every day. College students are constantly using social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter in their everyday lives. These social media platforms are meant to be addicting, with their endless flow of new and interesting content; how can we blame those who fall into the trap? 

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However, this isn’t just a problem for college students. All around the world, humans spend more time consuming media than anything else in the entire world! We spend more time on our phones and laptops, minimizing the time to take care of ourselves, eat, and socialize with friends and family. Will us humans ever be able to fully connect to the outside world again — leaving our smartphones and laptops inside the house?

The solution to this scary, yet relatable problem has a simple fix. A digital detox is the way to go! During a digital detox, you completely refrain from the use of any of your technological devices. Yes, this means your televisions, computers, and even your smartphones will all be turned off and stored away during this period of time. It doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

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When deciding a set time for your digital detox, check your screen time in Apple’s settings and analyze the data from there. If you spend eight to 10 hours a day on your phone, try a six-hour digital detox to ensure you will be able to make it through the duration of the time. However, if you only spend four to five hours a day on your phone, shoot for a 12-hour detox! The key to this process is to be completely free of any connection with the digital world, so pick a time duration wisely. 

Here are four reasons below to take part in that digital detox — you won’t regret it!

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1. Productivity

Now that you have finally put that phone down, consider all the tasks you can accomplish during this time period! Homework, cleaning and making a monthly agenda can keep you busy during your detox. Afterward, you will feel so productive and organized! Where could you go wrong here?

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2. Much Needed Self-Care

This detox will finally allow you to focus on yourself, which is something most people forget about! Instead of focusing on your Instagram likes, you will finally have the chance to do simple, yet effective self-care techniques. How long have you been waiting to do that cozy, pajamas and face mask type of night? Here’s your chance!

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3. Revived Connection With Nature

Since you’re no longer a participant in the digital world, there is so much beauty to take in within the world around us. As humans, we rarely get time to just think about ourselves and our lives — we are so distracted by the everyday nuisances of the real world. Taking a hike on a nearby nature trail will calm your mind, and also provide you with time to just think about yourself and your goals in life.

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4. More Happiness Within Yourself

Social media uses parallels to the constant comparison of ourselves to others. This constant comparison makes teenagers often feel lonely and depressed because of the photoshopped content they see through their smartphone. A digital detox helps humans focus on their real beauty inside and out, not just the photoshopped images they see through a screen.

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A digital detox is a very simple, yet effective way to solve an unfortunate problem that has plagued so many of America’s college students today. In today’s world full of social media, a digital detox is one of many stepping stones to embracing and loving yourself. Put away your electronics and love yourself — you are SO worth it! 



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