2023 Resolutions: Live Like Charli XCX

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Beep beep! Charli XCX is riding into the new year with her lavender Lamborghini and blue bikini. The Brit recently shared her New Year’s resolutions with her millions of Instagram followers and her new mindset can be described as none other than classic Charli — iconic.

From her lyrics, captivating stage presence and untouchable style, the Cambridge native has been known to have an aura of confidence that can’t be beat. Simply put, it’s Charli’s world — a recent post from the electric pop star proves it.

Photo posted by @charli_xcx on Instagram

On Dec. 30, 2022, the experimental singer- songwriter posted stunning photos of herself very much serving at dinner. For the cherry on top, she captioned it with something that created a shift in the universe. Charli wrote, “New Year’s resolutions: read more books, take less pills, have no fear, be even more c*nt. till 2023 angels 🕊”

VALLEY wants to thank Charli for those words — she could not have laid her 2023 goals any better. Now that she has put this mantra out into the world, how can we channel her energy for this new year? Aside from reading more and having no fear, there’s more we can learn from Charli. VALLEY presents: Living Like Charli.

Possess Hot Girl Energy

The first step to living like Charli involves channeling her infectious energy. Charli is a hot girl and knows it — and is not afraid to let everyone know. If you need a reminder, simply listen to “Hot Girl (Bodies Bodies Bodies).”

Below are some lyrics VALLEY thinks you should keep close to your heart. Perhaps write down a line or two and add the words to your daily manifestations.

Pull up to the mansion, pull up to the party
All my friends are so hot, we’re gonna get it started
Pull up to the mansion, but you are not invited
Lip gloss on, and I look good

I’m a hot girl, and I come in different flavors
All the hot boys got me as their screen saver
Tall green, money green just like Bottegas
Taking off our clothes in the window for the neighbors

If you need another hot girl anthem, Charli has it.

If there’s one part of the song to live by it’s:

Tonight, I’m gon’ be rockin’ it, droppin’ it
Shake my a**, no stoppin’ it
I look hot in it, hot in it
I look hot in it

In 2023, tell yourself you are in fact worth it. With this mindset, you will have the power to attract what you want. You are hot and you know it!

Your Clothes Are Worth A Thousand Words

Just like the phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” your clothes are just as impactful — look at Charli’s closet. Charli is no stranger to telling a statement with her outfits.

Charli never misses when it comes to her personal style. She expresses herself in a way that tells us exactly who she is —authentically herself. If you are looking to expand your closet while telling a story, look toward Charli for some inspiration.

Seek out baby tees with sayings on them that resonate with your iconic values, find statement pieces you know one else would have and pair them with a pop of color from your accessories or simply find a pair of wrap-around sunglasses — Charli would approve of those.

Sell Your Dream and Live Your Fantasy

In an interview with a fellow pop star, Dua Lipa, Charli says, “We live in a world now where there is a desperation, or fear, for authenticity and sometimes I think who f****** cares. Sell me the dream. I want my pop stars to sell me the f****** dream!”

Through Charli is referring to pop stars, we can use this advice in other areas of life. With this mindset, Charli is reminding us all that it’s necessary to be the main character.

Some of the best ways to see Charli living out this idea is through her social media. Here are a couple of VALLEY’s favorite posts and captions from the star that capture Charli’s fantasy so well.

When you realize you are fully in control of your life, confidence will surround you. Live your fantasy and write the story you want to read.

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Do you share any of the same as Charli? Let us know by tagging @valleymag on Instagram and @VALLEYmag on Twitter!


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