2021 Holiday Gift Guide

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As the holidays approach, people start to think of what they want to ask for and what they want to give to their loved ones. Narrowing down a list can be hard, especially with so many things that are trending. VALLEY is here to help you out with unique gift ideas for your 2021 Christmas! Keep reading to find new products to add to your list.

Silk Pajamas

The cold seasons are a time for self-care. What better way to reward yourself than with some nice silk pajamas? Not only are they better than other materials for your skin, but they give your body air and room to breathe during the night. They also can prevent irritation. Luckily, Victoria’s Secret still has a sale going on from Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Hurry and get your pair of pajamas now and treat yourself!

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Gratitude Journal

Starting off 2022 on a good foot is important for everyone. One way to incorporate gratitude into the season of giving is a gratitude journal. It provides both day and night prompts for you to fill in. Taking five minutes out of your day to think about the things you are grateful for is a healthy habit to incorporate into your 2022 routine.

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Mini Uggs

UGGS has made a reappearance when it comes to “what’s in” for winter fashion. More specifically, mini UGGS have been appearing left and right on social media and on influencers. The shoe’s ability to last for years while keeping your feet comfortable during the cold months makes them all worth the purchase. Check out the mini UGGS here or browse their website for more styles and ideas.

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The holidays are most importantly a time for giving and being around loved ones. These ideas can be good for both receiving and giving! If you end up asking for any of the items we recommended, show us and tweet us, @VALLEYmag, on Twitter!


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