18 Going on 80: Six Elderly Things That College Students Should Do

Photo by Danielle Lasday

Do you ever wonder why elderly people seem more relaxed (well, besides retirement)? Don’t you wish you could feel that in this hectic time of your college life? VALLEY thinks the relaxation probably has something to do with older people’s different hobbies or activities, so we came up with a list that all college students should try.

1) Knitting

Yes, knitting may seem crazy for college students to do, especially because knitting anything practical takes a lot of time that we don’t have, but there are definitely benefits. For one, this activity can be done in short periods of time, but over a long time — so just knitting a little bit each day can be relaxing. Once you see a finished product, you will feel like you accomplished something great!

2) Yoga

If you have ever been to a mid-day yoga class at your community center over break or during the summer months, you know older people make up a majority of the classes. Yoga is awesome for college students though because it is a workout and a relaxation exercise. Yoga can also be a gateway into meditation practice — a stress reliever beyond belief.

3) Gardening

Gardening is said to help older people function and move around, but college students can get a lot out of it too!  This activity will get you outside in the sunshine and it makes the world around you more beautiful. Gardening is also very therapeutic and promotes relaxation. Plus, fresh vegetables make for great meals … or you can give flowers you grow to that special someone!

4) Volunteering

What’s better than making others feel good? There are countless opportunities to give back to the community in the State College area. Make the most of them by getting out there! Whether it’s a soup kitchen, tutoring or helping out at an animal shelter, volunteering will give your mind a break and allow you to help others. 

5) Collecting

Remember that stuffed animal collection from when you were seven? It’s the same idea! Take one of your favorite interests and start up a collection. You can take some time for yourself while working on collecting more of the item, or even be surprised when you come across whatever your collecting when you’re least expecting it. If it’s still stuffed animals, more power to you.

6) Cooking Class

You get to learn new recipes and impress all of your roommates with your skills … we see it as a positive situation all-around. You could even bring a friend and bond over your newfound talent!


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