10 Reasons To Love and Hate “The Kissing Booth”

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The soapy teen rom-com, “The Kissing Booth,” first hit Netflix in May of 2018 … and to say it went viral would be an understatement. The movie wasn’t just being watched by its targeted teenaged girls — our moms, dads, grandparents, older and younger siblings, our friends — basically everyone and their mothers were watching this movie, and it was kind of weird. Not because the movie was bad, but because it was oddly amazing and slightly addictive. We watched it once and we wanted to watch it again.

VALLEY took to Netflix to watch “The Kissing Booth” yet again, and the second time around, some stuff jumped out at us. Not just at VALLEY, but at lots of obsessive fans. Here’s a list of everything from start to finish that makes us both love and hate “The Kissing Booth.”

Full disclosure, this is your spoiler alert!

  1. Elle is kind of annoying; we have a love/hate relationship with her. “Her voice was annoying and she got on my nerves sometimes — like she was kind of obsessing over her and Lee’s rules too much. And even though I liked Elle with Noah, she never should have dated him in the first place, that was a no-no,” says Christina Martino, a sophomore in high school. The “List of Annoying Things That Elle Did” will proceed throughout the rest of this article.
  2. Why is Noah so hot? He looks nothing like Lee. “Noah is too hot for Elle — actually, he’s too hot for like anyone,” says sophomore Kayla Schmitt.
  3. Elle forgiving Tuppen for disrespectfully touching her at school, and then even wanting to go on a date with him was stupid.
  4. Why is Noah always fighting and where do his anger issues come from? They are really random, especially when it comes to Elle.
  5. Okay, it is really weird when Elle decides to dance around the boy’s locker room in her bra to spite Noah.
  6. Fast forward to the kissing booth. Noah and Elle’s kiss was absolutely amazing. But really, when did he decide he liked her? Schmitt says she “honestly did not see any hint of romance coming from Noah towards Elle” and that the kiss was “extremely unexpected and random.”
  7. Noah and Elle really picked up the pace extremely quick after their single kiss at the kissing booth. They kissed once and Noah hops right into the “Look, I don’t know what this means, but I just like hanging out with you, it feels right.”
  8. Watching Noah and Elle fall in love was absolutely perfect, even though they were sneaking around and had Noah leaving for college looming over their heads. Their love story was the cutest thing ever and the movie soundtrack totally accentuated that.
  9. Noah showed up to prom to tell Elle he loved her, and she couldn’t say it back because of Lee. It was actually amazing of her to try to refuse the person she loved in order to protect her best friend from getting hurt. Props to you Elle but thank God Lee finally came around.
  10. “The ending was too sad and quick and such a cliff hanger,” says Schmitt. Well, at least we got to see Elle randomly ride off into the sunset on Noah’s motorcycle all alone, and perfectly content even though her boyfriend just moved across the country.

Even though this list is mostly things that bothered us about “The Kissing Booth” the movie is still adorable. All viewers can agree that it was just an amazing movie, but we don’t really know why. So, Netflix, you guys better be making a Kissing Booth sequel because we need more cheesy teen romance in our lives.


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