Ocean’s 8: Making Waves for Women

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Hollywood has never needed an all-female cast as badly as it does right now. The timing for the “Ocean’s 8” release immediately follows the sweep of #MeToo movement protests, and this makes it especially significant. This is, hopefully, the beginning of a major change in the industry for equality and a push for women’s rights.

Posted by @oceans8movie on Instagram

“Ocean’s 8” is comprised of an award-winning team of female stars, including Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, Sarah Paulson, Mindy Kaling, Rihanna and Awkwafina. All of these women are known for being strong and outspoken ladies. This is a continuation of the “Ocean’s” franchise that was previously male-dominated films. There was a natural separation of the women in this business, so “Ocean’s 8” is sure to open doors for more girl power. If you’re a fan of “Ocean’s Eleven,” however, you’ll love the surprise guest cameo!

“Ocean’s Eleven” is a timeless classic, and it set the bar very high for this new series installment. Sandra Bullock’s character, Debbie Ocean, sister of the notorious con artist Danny Ocean, hatches a plan to pull off the greatest plan of thievery to date with a similar recruiting process seen in the previous plot — the major difference being the magnitude of the event. This wasn’t just a boxing match, it was the MET Gala with every A-list celebrity and an A-list security system.

The idea of the movie was heavily criticized and put down by many critics. One comedian, John Mulaney, even foreshadowed the movie’s conception in his comedy show on Netflix by saying that a heist of women would “never work.” “Two would break off to talk s*** about the other nine,” says Mulaney in his comedy special.

That was hardly the case, as the group was a cohesive team despite their different backgrounds and professions.

Kaylee Ryan, a screening attendee at the Prince theatre in Philadelphia, says that the movie gave females the attention they needed in an action film. “I really liked it a lot because it kept my attention the entire time,” Ryan says. “That surprise twist at the end really had me shocked.”

Matt Damon was supposed to make a surprise cameo in the film as his character from “Ocean’s Eleven,” Linus Caldwell. Linus was son of a legendary con artist, Bobby Caldwell, and was recruited by the mastermind, Danny Ocean, himself. His role, however, was cut from the film because of a petition that circulated calling for his removal on “Ocean’s 8.” Damon had made several derogatory comments recently on the sexual misconduct allegations in Hollywood. This is a movie about outstandingly daring women, so many thought that anyone who doesn’t believe in standing up for them has no place on set with them.

This movie will remind you that women can be just as clever, cunning and smart as any male cast could ever be. Never underestimate a group of women with a goal because they will go to extreme lengths to accomplish anything. This is shown by Debbie Ocean’s extreme determination to complete a heist that would outdo her brother, leaving even him

in awe.

Hopefully this female-led movie will spark big changes in Hollywood. “Ocean’s 8” is now in theaters! VALLEY highly recommends going out to see the all-female cast and their groundbreaking crime for yourself. Tweet us what you thought of the movie @VALLEYmag!


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