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There is nothing more exciting then when a new show gets released on Netflix, but sometimes a little throwback TV can give you all the feels. Thankfully, it is now so easy to watch a classic film or a show you grew up watching. And VALLEY is kicking it old school with this comprehensive guide to all the oldies we love, so grab your popcorn and travel back in time with some of these must-watch suggestions.

TV Shows

One of the most timeless TV shows that is so easy to binge out on is of course, “Friends.” Like most of the shows from the mid-’90s, this sitcom is all about a close-knit circle of friends navigating the waters of life.

If you love “Friends” then go back a few more years and watch “Cheers,” our parents generation of “Friends,” only, instead of Central Perk, this group of friends gathers at the cozy Boston bar, Cheers.

With a similar feel, “That ‘70s Show” is always a classic and nothing beats watching this hilarious group of teenagers avoid facing the wrath of Red Forman or trying to find something better to do then sit in Eric’s basement.

The short-lived but legendary coming of age show “Freaks and Geeks” is also a great oldie to watch; it features some of the biggest comedic actors at the start of their careers and captures the beauty of teenage rebellion, ’80s grunge, and the struggles of being a freak or a geek in high school.

Veering away from the theme of squad goals, “Charmed” is a magical delight and it doesn’t get any more classic than this hit which focuses on three sister witches battling evil while still trying to have a normal life.

Looking for a thriller or mystery that will appeal to the old soul in you? Look no further than the iconic and eerie “Twilight Zone” or the classic crime drama “Twin Peaks.”


If you’re really in the mood for a classic film then you can’t go wrong with Audrey Hepburn’s dazzling performance in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” “To Kill A Mockingbird,” which is based off one of the greatest American novels of all time.

If action is more your forte, iconic films like “The Godfather,” “Scarface,” and “Goodfellas,” the OG mobster classics, are all available on Netflix.

“Dead Poets Society” is a powerful and inspiring oldie that you’re going to cry during but will definitely want to watch twice. It tells a simple but moving story of a teacher and his students with an amazing performance from the beloved Robin Williams.

If you’re feeling a cult classic then Netflix has got you covered with titles like “Cruel Intentions, “Donnie Darko,” “The Heathers” and “The Lost Boys.” These movies are all pretty dark to say the least but they are also iconic staples in the cult film phenomenon and cinematic masterpieces.

If you caught the awesome 2013 remake of “The Great Gatsby” then definitely take the opportunity to watch the original romance and compare, after all, the original is sometimes the best version!

Finally, let’s send the ’80s some love with one of the sweetest rom-coms starring a young and adorable Patrick Dempsey, “Can’t Buy Me Love” or check out the classic ’80s comedy “Adventures in Babysitting.”

Besides the great documentaries and amazing Netflix originals, there are a ton of hidden gem movies and shows you would never even think to watch, but are sure to stir up waves of nostalgia. From black & white movies to iconic shows, Netflix really does have it all.


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