Who Do You Listen To… Your Friends or Your Body?

oberdorf_listeningtoyourbody-1Between being a full-time student with classes, homework, clubs and studying it’s safe to say that Penn Staters are jam-packed busy all semester long.

In the midst of academic priorities, it’s important to make weekend plans. So, between planned socials and spontaneous invites to the bar, or multiple apartment and house parties your friends invite you to, you might feel obligated to do it all. If you feel that every option will be fun and don’t have the willpower to say no to your friends, you may be experiencing FOMO—fear of missing out.

Stress and irregular sleep patterns result in major wear and tare on your body. The average college student is supposed to sleep 7.5-9 hours throughout the night.

According to the Restorative Theory of Psychology, sleep is necessary to the physical health of the body. Sleep replenishes chemicals and repairs cellular damage. If the body doesn’t rest enough, sleep deprivation takes a toll on the body and will not be able to replenish the circadian rhythm.

A good night rest will help you to stay more alert and focused throughout the day and  boost the immune system to prevent sickness from harsh Happy Valley winter weather. So, after a long week of classes and late study nights, going out is a fun stress reliever, but it’s important to listen to your body and not push yourself too hard.

Forget about FOMO – you’ll have a lot more fun if you focus your attention on one set of plans, instead of scattering yourself all over downtown. There will always be another night to hang with friends. And if you’re feeling tired or need a break, a movie night relaxing with some Ben & Jerry’s on the couch sounds like a great Friday night to me, too.

Photo by Victoria Oberdorf

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