What A Guy’s Tinder Profile Says About Him

imageThe popular dating app Tinder seems to be a must-have among college students. I caved and joined a few weeks ago, and while the attention I’m getting is fun, it’s nothing compared to some of the bios I’ve seen. So gentlemen, this week Valley tells you: What your Tinder profile says about you.


Just your name and age, and there’s only one picture of you. Who are you? Why are you showing up on my Tinder? Are you really only 10 miles away, or are you just stopping in Bellefonte on your way somewhere else? Either way, I don’t trust you. Left swipe.

PSU (Year)

And that’s it. You’re short, sweet and to the point. You’re probably just looking to get laid, but I know absolutely nothing else about you. Do you have friends? Are you in a frat? I’ll never know. Left swipe (unless you’re gorgeous. Then right swipe.)

Some variation of “I’m just looking to get laid.”

I appreciate the honesty, but which way I’ll swipe depends on your pictures. Even if nothing happens, I’ll appreciate the attention.

A little bit about yourself with a variation of “I’m just looking to get laid.”

From what I’ve seen, these guys want a friend with benefits. I respect that. At least they’re trying to get to know a girl before getting in her pants. Probably a right swipe.

A biography about yourself including where you grew up, where you went to school, what you’re doing now (if you graduated)

These guys are either the ones looking for a legitimate girlfriend or just trying a sneaky tactic to get laid. To be fair, from what I’ve witnessed first-hand, they do seem to be interested in talking to someone for a while before ever bringing up sex. Good for you. Definitely a right swipe.

“I’m just looking for my soul mate.”

On Tinder? In a college town? Come on, nobody actually uses Tinder to date at this age. Left swipe.

Photo by Shuyao Chen

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