We’re in ‘Stupid Love’ With Lady Gaga’s Latest Looks

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Lady Gaga’s next fashion era has arrived and it is everything we could have wanted. Between her new album “Chromatica” coming later this year and her recently released single “Stupid Love,” Gaga is proving that she still has it, with fashion that is reminiscent of her early 2010s looks.

Gaga showed the world exactly who she will embody in this new era of music and fashion in the music video for her latest single, “Stupid Love.” This electric dance-pop track has been received greatly by fans, many claiming that the classic Gaga is back. This futuristic video was shot completely on an iPhone, showcasing some of Gaga’s intergalactic inspired looks VALLEY is obsessing over.

Gaga’s opening look gave all the “kindness punk” vibes, as she wore a pink latex bra and bottoms to match. Gaga brought the outfit to life by adding chains to the bottom half and a dog collar around her neck. She topped it all off with her metallic space-age makeup and put her bubblegum pink hair into a high pony. The dancers behind her also gave killer looks, each of them wearing hot pink attire full of chains, latex, mesh and more.

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In her second look, Gaga gave the fans what they wanted: some alien vibes. She wore a classic Gaga headpiece along with a light pink corset and studded biker jacket on top. To make this look even better, she wore tights and gloves covered in satin bows. Switching things up, Gaga’s third look incorporated a blue visor covering her face. She wore a light pink metallic one-piece with a bolero that had dramatic shoulder pads. She finished this look off by wearing tall pink boots.

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The final look Gaga leaves us with is her metallic magenta bikini. It might be the most understated piece she wears in the video, but she rocks it as always. The bikini set has intricate cutouts on the bottom and top. She also wore fishnet gloves and neon pink boots. Gaga wore her hair in the same high pony as before, but added a matching magenta hair tie. The look was completed by the metallic embellishments on her face and her hot pink eyes and lips.

Photos from YouTube.com

If there is anything we can learn from Gaga right now, it is that pink is the new black. It is a great, fun color for spring and summertime and allows for a lot of experimentation. From creating a pink monochromatic look, diving into metallics for makeup, or maybe trying out the pink hair trend, Gaga would approve.

Whenever Lady Gaga comes out with new music, it means new fashion to be inspired by. When her new album is released later this year, we will surely be getting plenty more space-age looks. The “Chromatica” era might bring us some of the weirdest, most futuristic fashion by Gaga and VALLEY is here for it.

Watch the “Stupid Love” music video below!


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