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Giuliana Rancic Maria Menounos E! EntertainmentYes, there are millions of woman we see as role models out there. However, how many of those women are celebrities who have been through so many heartbreaks and continue to put their best foot forward? This week, my “Woman Crush Wednesday” goes out to Giuliana Rancic. Giuliana is a beautiful Italian TV Personality. Perhaps you have seen this stunning beaut on E! News, Fashion Police, a host of Miss USA or Miss America or even her own show Giuliana & Bill. But do you know her story?

Giuliana Rancic is the person she is today because of her enduring journey. Giuliana tried to conceive children with in vitro fertilization in 2010. Unfortunately, Rancic suffered a miscarriage early in the pregnancy. However, believing in her faith like never before she continued with her husband, Bill. In 2011, Rancic was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She later underwent a double mastectomy. During all of this, Giuliana and Bill remained positive and kept trying to start a family. In 2012, they were happy to welcome their son Edward “Duke” into their lives via surrogacy.

In 2013, Rancic teamed up with nonprofit Bright Pink to create, Fab-U-Wish, now in partnership with The Pink Agenda. Their mission is to make women who have breast cancer and who have survived, continue to feel beautiful. During Rancic’s battle with breast cancer, she says what got her through was the glamour and Hollywood treatment. “Confidence and optimism are critical factors in surviving breast cancer and thriving thereafter,” tells Giuliana. She wanted to share this with other women and today she continues to do just that.

Continuing with their hopes of having a big family, Giuliana and Bill had tried again to have another child. Unfortunately, earlier in 2014, their surrogacy, Delphine, had a miscarriage. Throughout this experience they were all supporting one another. The couple still plan to expand their family.

Also in 2014, Rancic suffered through the loss of her colleague and friend, Joan Rivers. Rancic offered her support and condolences to her friend, Melissa Rivers, daughter of Joan and many others. Together, they have taken one day at a time to remember Joan and move on from this tragedy.

Giuliana is a positive role model for girls and women across the world. She offers a full dynamic of a business-savy working woman, mother, survivor and wife. She is more than just a “Woman Crush Wednesday” she is an inspirational person with a sense of style! If you don’t watch anything with G now, you should start. That positive caring attitude will certainly rub off.

Photo source: teeveetee.blogspot.com

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