#WCW: Fitness Instructor Lindsey Hutterer

Photo Courtesy of Lindsey Hutterer

If you’ve ever taken a fitness class anywhere on campus, from the White Building, to Rec Hall, all the way to the IM Building, chances are you’ve had senior Lindsey Hutterer as your instructor once or twice.

Hutterer is a public relations and advertising major set to graduate in May 2017, and has been involved with Penn State Fitness since her freshman year. She came to college knowing she wanted to be a part of something that entailed being active and showcasing her leadership skills, but she wasn’t sure what exactly could fulfill this. That’s when Hutterer found out that taking a kinesiology class could lead to becoming a fitness instructor, and as soon as she scheduled the class she went on to find her passion and purpose here at Penn State.

In spring 2014, Hutterer began what is called the Instructor Training Program (ITP), which is a semester-long process that prepares future instructors and provides them with the skills they need to lead safe and successful workouts. She was ecstatic to learn that after going through ITP, she had graduated to the next step of joining the Junior program.

She remembers the moment perfectly, saying, “I never cry, but I actually did when I got the email saying I would move on to juniors. My hands were shaking so much I could barely read it!”

After a strenuous semester of auditioning for different classes and successfully completing the academic class required, she was finally considered an official Penn State Fitness Instructor. She said that she had never been so nervous in her life than when she had to audition for classes, but it all paid off in the end.

The training process is incredibly humbling and takes more time and dedication than I can put into words, but I learned so much about myself, how to be a leader that puts others first, and in the process I made some of my greatest friends,” says Hutterer.

While she absolutely loves teaching classes here, she says it is definitely a challenge managing her schedule; keep in mind she’s also a full-time student here with as many exams and GPA requirements as everyone else. While in the Juniors program, she spent all time she had outside of class hanging around White Building trying to learn more, taking as many classes as she could, and getting in as much practice as possible. Today, she teaches 10 classes a week (yes 10), helps teach the Juniors program, and has an internship on top of regular schoolwork.

Although Lindsey has a lot going on, she says, “I enjoy my routine every day and am so grateful I have the opportunity almost every day to brighten people’s days and help them reach their fitness goals.” 

Just in case you thought Hutterer couldn’t possibly be more of a well-rounded, determined and accomplished young woman, don’t worry, she’s also Penn State Fitness’s overall THON chair. She gladly explained that each year, the fitness instructors coordinate what is called “Fit For the Cure” where instructors will teach any class to any group/club/organization/team for a flat rate of $50. The money is credited towards Penn State Fitness’s fundraising for THON, with all of the proceeds going directly to THON in general. If over $100 is raised in the process, the instructors will offer to split the proceeds 50-50 with the organization that is participating.

The instructors also coordinate other events benefitting THON that are open to anyone— they suggest donating at the door— such as DJ Power Remix and glow-in-the-dark yoga.

Since Hutterer spends most of her time inside the gym, she knows that there are people of all different fitness levels coming to classes every day. She also knows that for some people who are either new to the gym, or feel somewhat discouraged working out in a room full of other people, it can be intimidating. She has some awesome advice for anyone who is a bit apprehensive.

“Everyone was new at some point. Don’t compare your day one to someone’s year one. There’s so many different ways to be active out there – don’t get discouraged if you don’t find something you like right away! Also, any workout tends to be a lot easier and a lot more fun if you go with a friend,” she says. 

Between all of the fitness facilities on campus, there are so many options with varying amounts of impact and intensity so you really can find a workout tailored to fit your needs, while still challenging your body. 

If you haven’t already, definitely give one of her classes a shot, we guarantee you’ll be hooked.