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Between class periods, the diversity on Penn State’s campus truly reveals itself. When walking to class, a multitude of characters emerge from the shadows of dorm rooms and apartments. This creates a feast of curiosity for nosy individuals with wandering eyes. 

Penn State Personas

Take a walk up Shortlidge once or twice, and chances are a few different types of people will catch your eye. These personas have passed me by so many times that I feel compelled to categorize them. 

Chad Brad & Thad
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This is your average fraternity brother. He typically wears some sort of merch sweatshirt with a flannel on top (it absolutely does not match) and his sweatpants are—god knows why—tucked into his socks. He is the absolute last person you want to see on the way to your 8 a.m., and he probably spit on the sidewalk directly in front of you. Nice!

Miss Molasses
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This sleepyhead just rolled out of bed and is probably still wearing pjs. They are most likely on the phone and will stop directly in front of you to chat with a friend. Their boots are not made for walking and they will make it your problem!

It Girl
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It’s a rarity in State College winter, but every once in a while someone will slay with a Whitefox matching set or Sambas with the perfect color combination. This is someone that you will probably never see again, similar to the hot people that only exist in airports and the grocery store. 

The Gazer
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VALLEY is guilty of this as much as the next person, but sometimes people will just not stop staring at you. This results in awkward eye contact and sometimes a poorly timed smile. Occasionally, people stare for so long that you can do nothing but meet their gaze and oh… that’s just your friend from far away. Hey Bestie!

The Penn State Celebrity
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Every college student has a person that they see often enough to become a celebrity-like figure. For Penn Staters this can range from the Willard Preacher, a set of matching twins or even just a bold little squirrel. These fake celebrities often outshine people who consider themselves to be famous, like the athletes. Instantly recognizable by their large blue jackets and matching backpack, they often scoot by too quickly to be identified. 

Uphill Both Ways

If you’ve complained to an adult about how much you have to walk as a college student, you’ve probably heard the line “My walk to school was uphill, both ways, in the snow.” Now this might be impossible, but sometimes walking on campus can feel like quite the feat. 

Walking can also come with anxiety, boredom and a reminder of how out of shape you’ve become. To avoid these negatives of your trek to class, try walking with intention. 

This means avoiding staring at your phone, no matter how tempting it might be. To be more mindful on your walk to class, try looking up from your feet to take in our beautiful campus and reconnect with the nature that surrounds us. Changing a set route can also unexpectedly brighten your day. 

Strut Songs
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Something else that can make any walk more enjoyable is entertainment. Whether or not I like the queue that I line up can make or break my walk. 

Here are some songs that have me skipping up Shortlidge: “Bad Girls” by MIA, “I THINK” by Tyler the Creator, “Red Ruby Da Sleaze” by Nicki Minaj, “Gimme More” by Britney Spears and “Burn” by Kanye West.

If music isn’t your thing, check out these podcasts for your morning march: “My Favorite Murder” by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, “Emergency Intercom” by Enya Umanzor and Drew Phillips, “Modern Love” by the New York Times, “How to be a Better Human” by TED and “The A24 podcast” by A24.

These media entertainment options combined with the entertainment from campus stings will hopefully make your walk across campus more enjoyable through the colder months. 

Share your favorite songs or podcasts to listen to on your campus walks by tagging @VALLEYmag on Instagram!


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