Walk of Shame Survival Kit

JonathanHsieh.WalkofShameKitWe’ve all been there. At some point or another, we have all woken up in an unfamiliar room next to an unfamiliar boy and his unfamiliar friends. We’ve all casually slipped on our shoes and just as casually slipped out the door― hopefully before the fraternity’s cook got a chance to see us. “Want a little something for the walk home, sweetie?” Talk about mortifying.

Luckily, as we are all self-respecting women who wouldn’t be caught dead walking towards Beaver Avenue in a boy’s basketball shorts and the same heels from the night before, Valley’s come prepared. Goodbye walk of shame, hello “Stride of Pride”.

Here are a few things to slip in your bag the night before, to get you home undetected and unembarrassed.

Cab Fare
If you don’t want to walk anywhere at night when you still look good and it’s acceptable to be in heels, why on earth would you want to walk home in the morning when your makeup is halfway down your face? To avoid participating in the actual walking part of the walk of shame, bring a few extra dollars out with you to save for the morning. Dial your most reliable cab driver, and you’ll be back in the confines of your apartment in no time.

Fast Flats
What could be worse than putting on the same heels that killed your precious feet the night before? Run to McLanahan’s before you go out and grab a pair of Dr. Scholl’s Fast Flats. They roll up to be super tiny and fit into practically any bag. Fast Flats can help you avoid the pain of slipping those heels back on so that you can get home quickly and pain free.

Makeup Remover
Would you leave for class in the morning with makeup residue all over your face? How about after a night of partying? Just because you didn’t wake up at home doesn’t mean you can’t make yourself look somewhat presentable. Slip a to-go pack of make up remover wipes in your bag before a night out (Neutrogena wipes can work wonders). You’ll end up looking respectable and refreshed.

Photo by Jonathan Hsieh


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