Need-to-know Guide to Starting a Blog

AnaElmasllari.blogFor an on-the-go college student, blogging may seem like a daunting task. It requires extra time, effort and energy that we can’t seem to squeeze into our schedules. In reality, blogging can be a simple task that looks great to any future employer or when applying to internships. With the growing presence of technology, career counselors have made it clear that it’s no longer just about traditional resumes and cover letters anymore. Set yourself apart by starting your very own professional blog. Valley has compiled some smart and savvy tips to get you started:

Choose a hosting website

There are a number of websites dedicated to starting blogs, so choosing the right one to create a blog on is totally up to you. Many people choose to host their blogs on WordPress. Creating a blog through WordPress is free and has a good quick-start guide for the first-time blogger. Google’s Blogger and are other great sites to help you get started.

Pick a blog title

Never underestimate the power of a good first impression. The first thing that any reader will notice about your blog is the title. Short and simple titles are usually the most effective, but you want to make sure your title says something about you and relates to the content of your blog. Though a good title can grab a reader, it’s important to follow-through and keep that reader with quality content.

Set up an “About Me”

It’s all about letting people know who you are. is a free website where you can set up a personal page that connects to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, e-mail, and more. When applying for internships or jobs, it gives a nice personal touch to that hard-earned resume. It’s the perfect way to build your online presence and link to any and all social networking sites you may have.

Content is key

Maybe you have a passion for fashion and decide to keep up with your blog by posting outfits of the day. Or maybe you‘re really into DIY’s and constantly provide step-by-step instructions of your favorite crafts. Whatever your niche may be- it’s a great idea to center your blog on it. If you choose to write a blog, make sure to write about whatever you are passionate about. Your enthusiasm about what you’re writing about will definitely come through and you may be surprised to find others that share your passion.

Promote, promote, promote

Once your blog is ready to go, make sure to debut it on social networking sites. Share a link every time you publish a post to make access quick and easy. You want as many people as possible to see the product of all that hard work!

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